Saturday 10 December 2022
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CrimeHow a nude woman duped 2 men of Rs 3 lakh

How a nude woman duped 2 men of Rs 3 lakh

Two men, both neighbours at an Andheri residential locality, were targeted in a sextortion scam and forced to pay up Rs 3.63 lakh collectively. The police in Amboli have registered one FIR clubbing the two instances but are yet to verify if the suspect is the same individual.

In the first case, an 86-year-old man from Andheri received a video call from an unknown woman around noon on 28 July. When he answered the call, he found that the caller was a naked woman. She captured a video of his during the call and later blackmailed him, saying she would upload it on platforms to defame him. The senior citizen was terrified and agreed to meet her financial demands. She gave him two bank account numbers, and he transferred Rs 2.99 lakh to those accounts.

On 29 July, the old man approached the Amboli police and registered a complaint.

On initiating an investigation, the police learnt that another man, this one a 58-year-old living in the same neighbourhood as the senior citizen, had been similarly targeted in a sextortion scam earlier this month. He received a video call from an unknown woman between 9 and 19 July. He ended up paying up a sum of Rs 64,000 via a digital wallet to a bank account. The police have added his complaint to the same FIR. 

The police have invoked provisions of IPC and the Information Technology Act in the case. "We will find out who is operating the bank accounts to which both men transferred funds and whether the accused is the same individual or different," said an officer.

MEANWHILE, in Jaipur, the police in Sanganer arrested a 20-year-old man yesterday for posing as a woman on Instagram to dupe a man for 4.52 lakh. DCP (East) Rajvee Pachar said that a complainant had filed an FIR at the Sanganer police station, saying that he had befriended a woman named 'Neha Rajput' on Instagram, the popular platform for young people who no longer prefer Facebook.

The man in his FIR to the police alleged that the 'woman' tricked him into paying Rs 4.52 lakh. 'She' allegedly promised to marry him. Deeply in love with 'Neha', the man readily paid her the money she had demanded.

The police then filed an FIR under IPC Section 420 (Cheating) and searched for Neha Thakur. The subsequent revelation, however, stunned the police. "The technical investigation revealed that the Instagram account was fake. There was no Neha Thakur, but one Satish Bairwa was running the entire show behind a phoney account," said a police official.

The city police then set up a special team to keep an eye on the accused. The team Sunday nabbed him and took him to the police station.

Jaipur Police suspects that Bairwa had set up multiple accounts to dupe men on social media. “The accused had downloaded photographs of different women from their Insta profiles. After stealing photos from verified profiles, he set up Insta accounts with different names, including one by Neha Thakur,” said the official.

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