Saturday 27 November 2021
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How A Communist Misappropriated Legacy Of Irrfan Khan

A communist and charlatan Ajay Brahmatmaj lied through his teeth to co-opt just-deceased Irrfan Khan, who was a role model for Indian Muslims


An ‘obituary’ published yesterday was a classic case of how a communist co-opts a legacy that does not belong to his camp to subtly sell his ideology to the unassuming. They may even hire a liar or fraud for the propaganda. You do not even have to read between the lines, certain parts are so obvious. Through the passages, you will wonder whether the writer is paying tribute to the late Irrfan Khan or selling an obscure columnist who leaves JNU, goes to China, returns to become such a formidable ‘investigative’ journalist that a BJP government has to censor his report or article and then changes his beat to filmy entertainment on the advice of Irrfan!

Such are the nuggets a communist releases in bits and pieces, which works on the subconscious of a credulous subscriber of media. With the mention of JNU and China, this fraud tells you what camp he belongs to. By saying, “बीजेपी आज की ही तरह मज़बूत थी. तब मेरे लेख एक संपादक ने छापने से मना कर दिया (the BJP was as strong back then; an editor refused to carry one of my articles),” he implants in the reader’s mind that the current ruling party does not believe in press freedom.

But why am I calling him a fraud? Because his assertions above are a complete misrepresentation of facts. This Brahmatmaj returned to Bombay (now Mumbai) from China in 1990 and he retired from journalism — while working with Dainik Jagran — in 2017. In 1990, there was no BJP government either at the Centre or in Maharashtra.

And what kind of censorship does the BJP or governments led by it impose now? How did this sham obituary pass the government scrutiny if the dispensation is muzzling journalism? How does a communist explain the existence of a plethora of anti-government sites like The Wire (that shamelessly concocts a by projecting a company’s turnover as its profit), Scroll (that sees a Muslim history in everything Hindu), ThePrint, The Quint, besides The Hindu owned by the family of CPM cardholder N Ram and a host of pseudo-secular, jihadi newspapers pandering to Muslims that report riots, naming the perpetrators as “members of a certain community”? The Goebbelsian methodology entails harping on an untruth until it starts sounding like a fact.

Yes, it is not an obituary. It is a puff piece to uplift the journalistic fortunes of a certain Ajay Brahmatmaj you might otherwise not have heard of. More critically, by false association, it is selling the communist ideology, claiming that the deceased actor was “not right wing”. How shameless can you be, Ajay Brahmatmaj? Your write-up otherwise suggests Irrfan was your friend. Is this the way to recall a departed friend? Do you not have an iota of the sense of propriety? Is this how an obituary is supposed to be written, let alone that of a friend?

And, of course, you lie. Irrfan went out on a limb to condemn the killing of animals for food. He slammed the government. He took on fanatic Muslim clerics on channels. According to reports in Bengali news media, Irrfan told the father of Sutapa Sikdar, his would-be wife then, that she need not convert to Islam for the marriage but he was going to turn into a Hindu.

Without deceit, how else could the columnist have co-opted a Muslim whose father used to tell him, “You are a Brahmin born in a Muslim family?” Listen in:

No wonder, a vast majority of Indians are mourning the passing of Irrfan who had even stopped using his surname, which is a daring social statement for a Pathan. Clearly, he was not a Muslim name the lib-left camp would promote, as they never celebrated any steeped-in-Indianism Muslim from former President APJ Abdul Kalam or Rajiv Gandhi’s bête noire and current Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan.

Unfortunately for the red brigade, these are the Muslims who endear to Indians by and large. The death of Irrfan has brought a moment to Indian society not seen for a long time — perhaps since the time Mohammed Rafi bid adieu to this world in 1980. Some scandalous fundamentalists apart, people on social media, which happens to be the only public outlet of emotions for everyone in lockdown, have been grieving. Never short of cunning and strategy, the communists thought they must promptly make a course correction to cash in on the sentiment.

According to me, contrary to the communist Brahmatmaj, Irrfan Khan was a role model for Indian Muslims. In fact, that was why this charlatan tried to appropriate the personality and mislead society before the actor’s legacy could threaten his clique.

So shameless are the communists like this Brahmatmaj that they have no compunction whatsoever in exploiting the name of a person who is no more around — that too by way of falsehood.

The said obituary was published in a website of the India Today group.

My tributes to Irrfan, who was above fanatic followers of Islam. The thoroughly versatile performer and thinker demonstrated to mullahs how a Muslim ought to be, a role model for Indian Muslims.

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Amitabh Sinha
Lawyer at the Supreme Court of India, educationist heading colleges of different universities


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Amitabh Sinha
Lawyer at the Supreme Court of India, educationist heading colleges of different universities