Saturday 10 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaHouses of Muslims who pelted stones at Garba venue in Mandsaur razed

Houses of Muslims who pelted stones at Garba venue in Mandsaur razed

A villa of three Muslim miscreants who created unrest in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, by throwing stones at a Garba venue has been demolished. Heavy police force was deployed in the neighbourhood as a precautionary measure.

Several criminal cases are already registered against the three Muslim suspects Hafeez alias Aklu, Jafar and Raees. The officer in charge of the Sitamau police station, Dinesh Prajapati, said that the suspects had pelted stones at a Garba arena in Surjani on Sunday night. 

Receiving a complaint, the police registered an FIR.  The names of Zafar, Hafeez and Raees had cropped up in the said case. The officer in charge of the station said that many criminal cases had been registered against the suspects in the past.

The suspects built houses illegally, the officer said, adding that the demolition drive was a joint action by the district administration and the police department.

Police said a dispute between Hindus and Muslims had started in Surajni over rash motorcycle rides by the Muslims on the roads, to which many locals had objected.

Police are seeing the incident of stone pelting at the Garba venue as retaliation by the Muslims. Names of as many as 19 Muslims figure in the dispute.

Police say these antisocial elements were warned time and again, but their criminal acts refused to stop.

Before bulldozers razed the houses of members of the Muslim gang, the police conducted a flag march in the disturbed area. The surrounding areas were completely sealed off. Police personnel cordoned off the houses marked for demolition.

Sources say that the notice for demolition of the house was issued earlier. People present in the houses were evacuated before demolishing the buildings.

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