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Hosabale: Many ideas of RSS are leftist

'We have never said in our discourse in the Sangh training camps that we are rightist,' Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosabale said at a book launch


Hindutva is neither a nor a right construct, said RSS‘s Sarkaryavah at the launch of a book written by RSS national executive member, Ram Madhav on 22 October. The book is titled The Hindutva Paradigm: Integral Humanism and the Quest for a Non-Western Worldview.

“The world had gone to (the) left, or was forced to go and now the situation is such that (the) world is moving towards the right so that it’s at the centre. That is what Hindutva is all about, neither left nor right,” said Hosabale, adding that the essence of Hindutva was integral humanism.

“I am from the RSS. We have never said in our discourse in the Sangh training camps that we are rightist(s). Many of our ideas are like leftist ideas and many definitely this so-called rightist.”

Explaining further, Hosabale said, “The geographical, religious and the political divide of the and the right and the East and the West… I think all those things have blurred, dimmed and melted. Today people of the world are embracing the ideas of one another and a new man is emerging.”

The RSS leader said that the iconic RSS pracharak and president of Bharatiya Jana Sangh Deendayal Upadhyaya had “tried to put the ancient Bharatiya thought into modern context… and how it should be calibrated to the future generations.”

“It is not by Deendayal ji, but it is through Deendayal Upadhyaya ji, that these thoughts have flown. It is not a new political ideology that Deendayal Upadhyaya has presented… though it is put as a political philosophy for the modern times.”

Hosabale said there was no idea of a ‘full stop’ in Indian thought and tradition. “And now I would like to say calling this East or West, the left, and the right, all these things are suitable for our present-day political discourse, present-day geopolitics. When I say the present day, it is post Second World War, when a new world order started and it continues post-liberalisation and globalisation,” he added.

“The West is not the East totally, the East is not totally the Wast. The is not totally left or right is not totally right,” he emphasised.

He further said that Deendayal Upadhyaya had not used the word Hindutva paradigm, but integral humanist philosophy.

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