Thursday 20 January 2022
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Honour killing brutality shocks Maharashtra village

To seek pride in their act of honour killing, the mother and brother of the victim took selfies with her severed head and shared the gory pictures via WhatsApp

A terrible case of honour killing in District Aurangabad, Maharashtra, where the head of a newlywed woman was severed by her mother and brother, has left the town shell-shocked. The 19-year-old woman had eloped with and married a young man with a chequered past.

A few months after their wedding, the victim returned to the village with her husband who was once her lover. Her mother and brother received her warmly, not giving a whiff of suspicion of the spine-chilling, cold-blooded murder they had planned for ‘dishonouring’ their advice.

The victim, Kirti (19), reached her parental home and got into the kitchen to make tea for her mother and brother. As she was making the tea, her mother Shobha S Mote (in her mid-40s) and brother Sanket S Mote (18) approached her from behind. Shobha held her Kirti’s feet and brother Sanket beheaded her with a sharp sickle used as an implement in their farmland.

The crime turned all the more gruesome when, to seek pride in their act of honour killing, the murderers took selfies with the severed heads and shared the gory pictures in some WhatsApp groups.

Then the middle-aged woman and her son tossed the victim’s severed head out of the house while the torso remained in the kitchen.

Residents of the town are shocked by the extreme of this case of honour killing.

Village Goygaon in the Vaijapur tehsil of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, where the incident occurred, is largely inhabited by farmers. The killer brother had, a few months ago, attained adulthood.

The suspects surrendered after beheading their family member. They told the police why they did this, with no sign of remorse on their faces, sources said.

The local police officer dealing with the case, Suryakant R Mote confirmed this was a case of honour killing.


Kirti and her 23-year-old lover Ajay S Thore had eloped on 21 June. They got married subsequently. A few days ago, they returned to the village after six months of getting married in Alandi, Pune.

On learning of their return, Kirti’s mother and brother reached out to her. They brought her home and chatted with her, indicating that they were making an effort for reconciliation. And then fate struck.

Neighbours in Goygaon saw Kirti’s head outside the house and rushed in to find the headless body inside in a pool of blood, and informed the police. Policeman PP Mote said that, as per the preliminary investigation, the complainant in the case, Ajay S Thore, is a “history-sheeter” (Indian for a seasoned criminal), against whom some cases are registered at the Vaijapur police station and he was allegedly harassing and assaulting Kirti.

PP Mote said that Kirti A Thore’s autopsy was completed and her last rites were performed this morning in the presence of her father Sanjay Mote, a farmer, and his parents-in-law. Locals are struggling to come to terms with the crime, police sources said.

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