Tuesday 17 May 2022
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Hiring over-qualified people to Group 4 posts will hit efficiency

If hiring over-qualified candidates to perform Group-4 services, undoubtedly the efficiency level in public administration would be hit.

Madurai: It’s unfortunate that post-graduates were applying for government jobs in Group-4 category due to unemployment, the Madras High Court observed Thursday, and said the hiring of “over-qualified” people to these posts will affect efficiency in public administration.

It cited that holders were recently appointed as sweepers in the high court services and the court was unable to extract work efficiently for better administration.

If over-qualified candidates are appointed to perform Group-4 services, undoubtedly the efficiency level in public administration would be hit, Justice S M Subramaniam said.

Similarly, under-qualified candidates cannot be allowed to handle a bigger responsibility, the said. He was hearing a plea seeking to quash the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission notification that professional holders would not be considered for posts of combined subordinate services (Group 3 and Group 4). He refused to allow the prayer.

Group 4 services hiring include typists, junior assistants and village administrative officers.

Justice Subramaniam asked the government to review the rules and accordingly prescribe the minimum and maximum educational qualification for such posts within 12 weeks in consonance with the concept of a level playing field.

All these aspects should be considered by competent government authorities during the process of issuing recruitment notification to a particular post or cadre, he said.

Currently, the minimum educational qualification and other related criteria are prescribed by employers.

However, no maximum educational qualification is prescribed due to which over-qualified persons participate in the recruitment process for Group 4 posts and basic services.

Similar issues were brought to the notice of the court during the appointment of Grade-II constables, the said.

Petitioner M Sakkaraichamy had submitted to the court that he had appeared for combined service examination and attended an interview. But he was not considered for the posts because he was a professional holder, while the notification had stipulated Arts and Science bachelor as the education qualification.

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