Sunday 4 December 2022
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PoliticsWorldHindus under Muslim attack in UK: India demands protection of 'affected people'

Hindus under Muslim attack in UK: India demands protection of ‘affected people’

Following attacks on houses of Hindus, the desecration of a saffron flag and vandalism by Muslim fanatics at a temple in Leicestershire, the High Commission of India in London has condemned the violence, issuing a statement that reads: “We strongly condemn the violence perpetrated against the Indian Community in Leicester and vandalisation of premises and symbols of Hindu religion.”

The statement says further, “We have strongly taken up this matter with the UK authorities and have sought immediate action against those involved in these attacks. We call on the authorities to provide protection to the affected people.”

For the uninitiated, the latest hate comes after a series of targeted attacks on Hindus following the Asia Cup India-Pakistan match on 28 August when armed Islamists attacked Hindus and their residences in the area.

In one of the attacks, the Muslim mob tried keeping Hindus hostage including children. Vehicles and Hindu-owned properties faced the brunt of the Muslim ire.

Insight UK, a Hindu advocacy group in Leicester, told OpIndia that during the 6th September violence, several Hindu houses were attacked after the Islamists identified these houses through the display of religious symbols. The night of 6 September saw the third consecutive attack against the Hindu community. Hundreds of Muslims had taken to the streets, attacking Hindu houses after identifying them from displays like Om, saffron flags, pictures of Ganesha etc outside the buildings.

An official statement by the Leicestershire Police said that the violence erupted on Saturday evening after a group of men staged an "unplanned protest".

"Parts of East Leicester experienced serious disorder yesterday evening (Saturday, 17 September) into this morning (Sunday) when large crowds formed after groups of young men began an unplanned protest," the statement reads.

"Officers attempted to engage with the group and remain with them whilst additional officers were called in. They sought to keep actions lawful but, regrettably, the situation led to disorder," it adds. 

Police have arrested two individuals so far from the site. A total of 27 people have been arrested since the dispute began in the city.

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