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Hindus protest worldwide against Islamist atrocities in Bangladesh

People in Chittagong hit the streets in protest against Islamist attacks on Hindus while the US condemned the incidents of Bangladesh


Thousands of members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, and other Hindu outfits have taken to the streets in Assam to protest against the ongoing attack on the temple and the Hindu community in Bangladesh. Hindus demonstrated against the Islamist atrocities in places as far away as the US.

The US has condemned recent reports of attacks on the minority Hindu community in Bangladesh, PTI reported.

“Freedom of religion or belief is a human right. Every person around the world, regardless of their religious affiliation or belief, should feel safe and supported to celebrate important holidays,” a State Department spokesperson said.

“The State Department condemns the recent reports of attacks on the Hindu community in Bangladesh,” the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, Pranesh Halder, a member of the Bangladeshi Hindu community, in a statement urged the department “to ensure that no further harm comes to the beleaguered Hindus of Bangladesh”.

He urged US-based watchdog groups and media houses to highlight the gravity of the violence in Bangladesh.

On Sunday, the Bangladeshi Hindu diaspora organised a protest in front of the Embassy of that country here to protest large-scale violence leading to the destruction of Hindu homes and temples during Durga Puja festivities across Bangladesh.

According to OpIndia, protesters in Assam of India set fire to Bangladesh’s national flag, attempted to cross the international border between India and Bangladesh, and called for a boycott of Bangladeshi goods.

Videos have emerged on social media, where a member of the is seen expressing his angst at the repeated attacks on religious minorities in Bangladesh as he urges Hindus in Karimganj to completely boycott Bangladeshi products as a mark of protest.

Halder says that as revenge for the desecration of temples and Maa Durga and the atrocities being inflicted on Hindu mothers and daughters in the country, I urge people, especially the followers of Sanatan Dharma to boycott products made by Bangladeshi companies in India.

Halder urged Hindus in Bangladesh to rise against the repeated cruelty carried out against the minority Hindus in the nation. He threatened that the members of Hindu outfits would cross over to Bangladesh and protest there if Prime Mininster Sheikh Hasina does not take action against those involved in the vandalism of Durga Puja pandals.

The member condemned the incident where radical Islamists brutally raped an entire Hindu family including a 10-year-old girl in Hajiganj Upazila in Chandpur district in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. A secular blogger Azam Khan had narrated the indent in one of his Facebook post yesterday. Media had reported how community leaders had claimed that no such incident has taken place. Police Station Officer-in-Charge Harunur Rashid said that no one had filed any complaint of rape and that the news of rape is a rumour.

In another video, the people of Chittagong are seen hitting the streets in protest against Islamist attacks on Hindus and their places of worship in Bangladesh.

Besides, hundreds of protesters in the Karimganj district, where the border is divided by the Kushiyara river, attempted to cross it and go to Bangladesh. Meanwhile, in Hailakandi, members of the Hindu outfits burnt Bangladesh’s national flag as a mark of the protest.

The protesters sent memorandums to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting that all trade with Bangladesh be halted. They further said that Bangladesh is attempting to Hindus out of the country and that this act of violence is part of that conspiracy.

Former MLA from Karimganj district and senior BJP leader Ranjan Das said: “If India cuts all the trade relations with Bangladesh, like we did it with Pakistan in past, the country will be bound to starve. Also, India is the largest consumer of Bangladesh’s food products. We are going to boycott each and every food product coming from Bangladesh. We have sent a letter to prime minister Narendra Modi and requested him to give a strong message to Bangladesh so that the Hindus living there don’t face harassment anymore.”

Protest against attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh outside Bangladesh deputy high commission’s office in Kolkata 

Yesterday, many protestors had protested outside the Bangladesh deputy high commission’s office in Kolkata to protest against the attack on the Bangladesh unit of the ISKCON temple and the other Hindu temples in Bangladesh, amidst the ongoing violence against the Hindu community unleashed by radical Islamists in the country.

Radharamn Das, vice-president of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) unit in Kolkata, led a protest outside the Bangladesh deputy high commission’s office in Kolkata on Sunday evening. Citizens also took part in it.

The violence is continuing for nine days but the international community is not saying a word. Two hundred miscreants stormed into our temple in Noakhali on Friday and vandalized all the idols. Two of our monks were killed. Why are international human rights groups and United Nations silent? We will organise protests across the globe” Das said.

The Bangladesh Chhatra League led a protest march yesterday, blaming the Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir for the attack in a village in Rangpur district’s Pirgonj upazila, about 255 km from Dhaka, where 20 houses belonging to Hindus were burned late on Sunday. As many as 66 Hindu houses were damaged by vandalism. The activists blocked a major intersection in Dhaka along with the university teachers and students to demand justice. Several other Hindu groups also joined the peaceful protest at the Shahbagh intersection.

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