Saturday 28 January 2023
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Hindus Lack Self-Preservation Instinct

In the absence of an urge for knowledge in society, the young, from India up to the United States, are being subjected to a suicidal ideology that hits the core of civilisations

The incident of a teacher of social studies in a school of Gurugram trying to mould the impressionable minds of students with the propaganda of the Indian National Congress and another in Moradabad where a -affiliated school held a summer camp to lure the students enrolled for secular education to are but indicators of the absence of the kind of social education needed to make the ancient civilisation of India survive in Hindu families. Thanks to some alert students from rare, enlightened families, the issue became big in Euro International School, following which the teacher Sova Das had to quit. The question remains why West Bengal, where the teacher hails from, produces misguided human resources in such large numbers that are now affecting even the rest of India. Just this week, the nation was witness to a suicide of a 14-year-old girl in Kolkata who had been waylaid by a Muslim man who was also blackmailing her. But then, in the -ruled states that have legislated against love jihad — Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Gujarat — most incidents of cheating by Muslims do not exonerate the victimised Hindus from their fallibility. The lack of adequate sensitisation exposed the children in Moradabad too, as their parents failed to appreciate the fact that an institution run by Muslim management was simply incapable of imparting -free education. What happens day in and day out without being reported in the is soft Christian indoctrination in convent schools that proscribe Saraswati Puja but tell pupils stories of the Jesus of Nazareth until the higher classes where the central board and NCERT together make it impossible for the schools to evangelise. But why must a nation of 85% Hindus suffer thus?

For, unless cornered, Hindus do not see a clear and present danger. Wooed by the positive aspects of imperialistic religions, they are not told about the barbaric mediaevalism that lurks through the satanic verses of the Middle Eastern scriptures behind the ‘God is good’ façade. That all faiths teach the same moralities is a baseless supposition that blinds them since their childhood. While true secularism does not recognise religious notions in education and religious tenets or edicts in legislation, in India, the philosophy has developed contempt only for what the indigenous belief system held dear, as writers of English, Hindi and regional language readers deal with the devotion of Hindus with derision, even as none dares to question the ludicrous things the West believed in till the time the Church reigned supreme.

The situation calls for compulsory history and current affairs education in every household and a culture of debate in neighbourhoods where the anomalies in school education, the narrative set by Bollywood and fake news by media are laid bare and false notions — both feel-good and repugnant — about all communities are challenged. In the absence of an urge for knowledge in society, the young, from India up to the United States, are being subjected to a suicidal ideology that hits the core of civilisations. Adolescence onwards, they are told all that they had held so far as right and wrong was misplaced, thus creating a gentry that has come to be known as “woke”. While Hindus are at the receiving end of this subtle brainwashing in India, agnostics in Europe and devout as well as disaffirmed Christians in the US are turning into lost souls too. But as a Greta Thunberg or a Malala Yousafzai does not have a sound philosophy of her own that can anchor the people, what they are in effect doing is paving the way for a takeover by sure-footed communists and Islamists. India has had its fair share of disoriented young men and women — remember Gurmehar Kaur? — holding placards with political messages that ring hollow on deep scrutiny. Happy-go-lucky Hindus who find the ambience of a church cool and paying obeisance at a dargah a mark of pluralism will destroy India one day. Those worried must put the back on track.

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