Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Hindus in Karnataka demand allowing prayer at Srirangapatna mosque

Narendra Modi Vichar Manch's state secretary CT Manjunath met the Mandya Deputy Commissioner and submitted a memorandum, seeking permission on behalf of Hindus

Even as Gyanvapi mosque’s history is unnerving Muslims and communists in the country alike, a section of Hindus who have named their platform after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has approached the Mandya district administration in Karnataka, seeking permission for Hindus to offer prayers at a mosque, which they claimed stands over the ruins of a Hanuman temple.

The Archaeological of India (ASI)-maintained mosque was built around AD 1782 during the rule of Tipu Sultan — infamous for assaults on both Hindus and Christians. It is situated in the Jamia Masjid of Srirangapatna, about 120 km from Bengaluru. It is a heritage site being maintained. It runs a too.

Narendra Modi Vichar Manch state secretary CT Manjunath, who was part of the delegation, met the Mandya Deputy Commissioner and submitted a memorandum, seeking permission to allow Hindus to offer prayers at the masjid.

“Documentary evidence of Tipu Sultan writing to a ruler in Persia, admitting that there was a Hanuman temple before the mosque was built; along with Hindu inscriptions on the pillars and walls support our stand. We request the administration to allow Hindus to offer prayers at the mosque.”

Former Karnataka Minister KS Eshwarappa, who resigned recently over his name cropping up in an after a contractor committed suicide, claimed that even Muslim leaders accept that a temple existed before the mosque took shape. “Around 36,000 temples were demolished/damaged during the Mughal rule. We will reclaim all the temples in accordance with the Supreme Court’s ruling without creating any trouble,” he said.

Mosque built on order from Tipu Sultan, infamous tormentor of Hindus, Christians

Tipu Sultan is accused of perpetrating the Melkote massacre of Brahmins, due to which Iyengar Brahmins do not celebrate Diwali — says the book History and Vamshaparampara of Mandayam Sree Vaishnava Samudayam edited by Ashi Sreeinivasa Iyengar, Shamarayat SN Gopal and RNB Tiru Narayana Iyengar.

The sultan unleashed his army on women for going around topless in public places. “Seeing a Lingayat woman selling curds (archaism) in the street without a body cloth, he ordered the cutting off of her breasts. As a result of this act, the wearing of long garments came into use among the whole female population of Mysore,” wrote Thurston in Justine M Cordwell and Ronald A Schwarz’s The fabrics of culture: the anthropology of clothing and adornment.

Eyeing the rich Mangalore port, Tipu Sultan launched repeated attacks on Kodagu where the Kodava resistance peaked in 1780, says Mohibbul Hassan’s History of Tipu Sultan.

In 1788, Tipu Sultan raided Malabar and announced that the Nairs would be circumcised. Whoever would resist would be killed. The Malabar ruler Chirakkal Nair Raja surrendered and yet was hanged to death.

One of the most gruesome chapters of cleansing in Indian history is the captivity of Mangalorean Catholics at Seringapatam. Sultan began this campaign on February 24, 1784, and ended on 4 May 1799, says Paul Thomas’s Christians and in India and Pakistan: a general of the progress of Christianity in India from apostolic times to the present day.

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