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Hindus attacked for 1,400 years, 10 crore killed: Varanasi Sanskriti Sansad

Historian Koenraad Elst said that even the Holocaust paled in comparison with the atrocities that Hindus had been meted with under invaders


The era of persecution and lynching of Hindus to destroy the ancient civilisation and its had started in the 6th century. An estimated 10 crore Hindus were brutally murdered in 500 of these years. As Belgian historian Koenraad Elst presented evidence of the genocide, shock gripped the Rudraksha Convention Centre of the Varanasi Sanskriti Sansad.

The audience was appalled, as Elst presented the details in chronological order while Prof CP Singh translated his speech into Hindi.

Speaking on the topic “Hindu Holocaust: Attacks on Hindu for 2,000 years” at the sixth session of the Sanskriti Sansad (Parliament of Culture, literally), Elst said that 10 crore Hindus had been killed in separate incidents from 1000 to 1525 AD.

In 1947 and 1971 again, lakhs of Hindus were massacred. If this toll is added, the casualties will be more than 10 crore. He said it was unfortunate that the atrocities and massacres of Hindus are not mentioned in history books.

The massacres of Hindus by barbaric invaders like Ghori (Mu’izz ad-Din Muhammad, born Shihab ad-Din, also known as Muhammad of Ghor), Babur (Zahīr ud-Dīn Muhammad) and Aurangzeb (Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad) have been whitewashed and these enemies of humanity glorified, Elst said. Even after India got independence, no government made a serious effort to dig out incidents of Hindu genocide nor was it researched, he said.

Historian Koenraad Elst in conversation with academician Madhu Kishwar

Elst stated further that the goal of Muslim rulers was more than just killing the kafir (Hindus marked as infidels) but to convert them as well. Those who did not convert were either murdered or deprived of all facilities, the historian said.

Referring to the atrocities on Jews, he said that lakhs of Jews who became Christians were killed, but even that could not be compared with the of Hindus. Elst said that to save Sanatan Dharma and civilisation, an organised effort was needed that would teach Hindus how to win.

Historian Vikram Sampat said that Muslim invaders attacked the worship system of Hindus to end their existence. More than 40,000 temples were destroyed across the country.

The atrocities committed by the invaders and their courtiers were recorded in history, but our historians ignored them, Sampat said. Marxist historians glorified the invaders by misrepresenting the facts, he said, reasoning that while the immense wealth in pre-Islam India was the main reason behind the destruction of temples, there was more to the Muslim campaign. Akbar, whom the Marxist historians termed as “great”, had killed thousands of cows and had their blood sprinkled in the temples.

Ruined education system

Sampat said that India’s ancient education system was attacked to destroy the indigenous culture. The invaders set on fire 90,000 manuscripts at the Nalanda University. The British destroyed our too — by implementing their education system.

The two speakers stressed solidarity in the community to stop attacks on Hindus. They said the importance of research into incidents of killing of Hindus could not be overemphasized. They called for a reform in the Indian education system.

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