Friday 2 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaHindu woman principal harassed by Muslim teachers, students in Agra school

Hindu woman principal harassed by Muslim teachers, students in Agra school

In a that recently surfaced on social media, a Hindu female principal named Mamta Dikshit is seen breaking down while talking about alleged constant harassment by her colleagues and students in the school for the past one year. Dikshit is the principal of Srimati Joy Harris Girls Inter College, Agra.

Dilshit is heard in the saying that teachers led by Rehana Khatoon are harassing her for being a Hindu — in a bid to remove her from the college management board. Khatoon is inciting teachers and around 200 Muslim girls in the college to protest because of her religion, Dikshit alleges.

The Hindu principal said girls had filed a fabricated complaint against her for mentally harassing her. Dikshit said:

I am being harassed. Nine teachers have ganged up against me and they are threatening me to leave the chair. I am having suicidal thoughts and can’t take this anymore. I am even scared to travel in the city. They can do anything to me and my family. 

Most of these teachers are residents of Sarai Khwaja. They are instigating the girls from the college against me and are also gathering Muslim boys outside the college. 

Dikshit said, "They have created an atmosphere of hostility against the iconography of Ma Saraswati in the office."

Further in the video, Dikshit is seen requesting the students to come to school in uniform. She says she will continue to fight her colleagues to get the hijab and banned in the school.

A member of the school management committee, Lal Bahadur, said that both sides were heard in the meeting. he said:

There is no dispute now. Orders have been given to run the school with discipline. Any kind of indiscipline will not be accepted in the school. Everyone has to ensure compliance with the rules.

Joint Director of Education RP Sharma issued a statement, saying:

If the principal is being harassed for belonging to the Hindu religion, strict action will be taken against the accused teachers. The case will be considered and a committee will be formed to look into the matter.

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