Wednesday 7 December 2022
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CrimeHindu woman in love with Muslim man kills brother in Jharkhand

Hindu woman in love with Muslim man kills brother in Jharkhand

In Panch Mandir Panchayat of Patratu police station area of ​​Ramgarh, a Hindu killed her 21-year-old brother and buried his dead body more than two months ago, allegedly instigated by a Muslim man she is in love with. The brother, Rohit Kumar, was aware of the affair, which he used to oppose. Angered by her brother's nagging, Chanchala Kumari along with her lover executed the murder.

The suspect's mother, Chinta Devi, revealed to the police that her was seeing a Muslim man for the past few months, but the police are not divulging the name of the accomplice in the crime.

When the police, tracing Rohit Kumar's mobile location, reached the sister today and questioned her, she could no longer hide the truth. About two and a half months after the incident, this homicide lay exposed. 

While the police have arrested the Hindu woman, the search for her Muslim lover has just been initiated. 

The police are completing the legal procedure associated with disinterring a dead body. The corpse, the Hindu told the police, was buried in Quarter Number F-235 of the Electricity Department in the Panch Mandir Panchayat area.

Rohit Kumar, son of Naresh Mahato, a resident of Bartua of Patratu, was missing since 30 June. According to Naresh Mahato, on 24 June, his son had gone to the house of his cousin Dilip Mahato in Chutia near Ranchi. On 30 June, the elder Chanchala Kumari called Rohit Kumar and asked him to come to Patratu. The Hindu accompanied her brother from the Chandni Chowk bus stand in Ranchi to Patratu, where she killed him and buried the body at home in a neighbourhood of government quarters.

Dilip Mahato was trying to locate his missing cousin all this while.

Today, the police reached Patratu and called the Chanchala Kumari and questioned her, thus getting to know the macabre story. The Hindu told the cops that after killing her brother, she had buried him in the lawn of the government quarter. After the burial, the suspects plastered the ground to cover it up.

Gautam Kumar, in charge of the Patratu police station, said that the dead body would be taken out after completing the legal process. 

The relatives of Chanchala Kumari backed her mother's account that the Hindu had a relationship with a Muslim man from the neighbouring village. His brother was becoming an obstacle in the courtship. 

The woman's father was earlier posted in the electricity department at Patratu. Even after being transferred to Ranchi, he has not left the allotted quarter in Patratu. Chanchala Kumari lives alone in the quarters.

The police investigation relied on Rohit Kumar's mobile. The police were assuming that the victim was the user of both the SIM cards installed in his mobile phone, but the SIM purchased in Rohit Kumar's name was being used by his sister. Chanchala Kumari had used that SIM till the day of the incident. Apart from the Hindu and her Muslim lover, there are others suspected to be involved in the murder.

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