Thursday 5 August 2021
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Hindu temple vandalised in Pakistan

An official from the police also confirmed to the local media that Muslim families of the area stopped the mob attack on the minority Hindu community

A Hindu temple was vandalised once again in Pakistan. An angry mob in Sindh province tried also to attack over 300 Hindu families but was stopped by neighbours from entering the century-old locality.

The incident took place on 1 November in Sheetal Das compound, housing 300 Hindu and 30 Muslim families. Neighbours say that hundreds of men assembled outside the compound’s gate with intention to attack the Hindu families.

However, the Muslim families, residing in and around the compound, quickly arrived at the gate to stop the mob from entering the area.

This attack comes just days after the two incidents of vandalism in October (10 October and 24 October) of Hindu temples in Pakistan’s Sindh province. The police arrested one person in connection with the 10 October incident. These are just a few of the many attacks reported on the religious minorities in Pakistan.

In another incident in this year, a Muslim mob demolished a colony of minority Hindus in Bahawalpur (home also to terrorist and Jaish-e-Mohammed head Maulana Masood Azhar). Tariq Bashir Cheema, the Housing Minister in the cabinet, and the country’s Principal Information Officer Shahid Khokhar oversaw the demolition. A video of the incident made the rounds on the internet.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) had condemned the razing of houses of people from the Hindu and Christian communities in province’s Bahawalpur city, reported.

60 Hindu families moved to other areas

“Police reached the spot within a few minutes after they were informed,” a Hindu man, requesting anonymity, said.

Another Hindu citizen said that the mob wanted to attack the compound’s Hindu families, but the police foiled their attempt. However, other eyewitnesses claimed that three pre- idols were destroyed.

An official from the police also confirmed to the local media that Muslim families of the area stopped the mob attack on the minority Hindu community.

Third attack on Hindu temple in Sindh

“Had it not been for the Muslim families, it would have been very difficult to thwart the attack,” media quoted a senior police official as saying.

After the incident, more than 60 Hindu families shifted to other areas of the city.

Less than 2% of the 220 million population in Muslim-majority Pakistan is Hindu and most of them reside in Sindh province. This is the third attack on a Hindu temple in Sindh.

Such attacks on Hindus have exposed Pakistan’s rhetoric on minority protection in the country where Islamist with the full backing of the state attacks Hindus on a regular basis.

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