Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Hindu temple-like structure beneath mosque found in Mangaluru

The mosque management was renovating the mosque when the structure emerged, arousing suspicion among the Hindu locals that a temple existed on the spot

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The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has demanded the cancellation of a mosque’s licence and an investigation by the Archaeological of India (ASI) after a Hindu temple-like structure was allegedly found inside the Muslim place of worship at Gurupara Hobli. The structure surfaced at around mid-day on 21 April during the renovation work at Juma Masjid in Malali on the outskirts of Mangaluru.

The mosque management was carrying out the renovation work after demolishing a part of the mosque. The matter has aroused suspicion among Hindus that a temple existed on the spot.

Images of the place went viral within no time, with scores of people including Hindu organisations rushing to the spot and urging authorities to verify the history of the spot. However, police reportedly denied entry to the curious crowd in the afternoon to prevent any untoward incidents, reports said.

As Hindus were sure that a Hindu temple existed at the site, VHP leaders came forward and appealed to the district administration to stop the work till the documents were verified. VHP divisional secretary Sharan Pumpwell said the Hindu temple-like structure had been found when the mosque was being demolished for renovation.

The president of the Jumma Masjid Malalipete, Mohammed Mamu, said that the mosque had a history of nearly 900 years — dating back to 644 AD — and that during its renovation, the mosque’s old structure was seen and misconstrued as a temple. “We have all the records,” he said.

Deputy commissioner KV Rajendra said the administration had received information from field officials and police about the matter.

How can Hindu antiquity be proved?

“The district administration is looking into the old land records and entries regarding the ownership details,” Rajendra said.

“We will take the report both from the endowment department and the Waqf board. We will check the veracity of the claim and take an appropriate decision soon. Till then I have instructed to maintain the status quo and requested people not to jump into conclusions,” Rajendra said, requesting people to maintain peace. City police commissioner N Shashi Kumar, who visited the spot, said police personnel have been stationed in the area.

Meanwhile, the Dakshina Kannada Commissionerate has ordered a status quo of the structure until further orders are issued. The authorities, looking into the land records, appealed to the people to maintain during document verification.

Deputy Commissioner of Dakshina Kannada Rajendra KV said, “I have received information from field officials and police department about the issue. The District administration is looking into the old land records and entries regarding the ownership details. We will take reports both from the endowment department and the Waqf Board.”

“We will check the validity of the claims and take the appropriate decision very soon. Till then, I have instructed them to maintain the status quo and requested people not to jump to conclusions. I am requesting people to maintain law and order and peace,” added the official.

Meanwhile, The Quint has published a misleading fact-checking video, saying this did not happen in Kerala, even as all news mediums are saying the Hindu temple-like construction behind a mosque was discovered in Karnataka.

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