Monday 24 January 2022
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Hindu saints murdered by communist-jihadi combine: Sr SC lawyer

Senior Supreme Court lawyer Amitabh Sinha demands a CBI inquiry to expose and punish those who planned and lynched Hindu saints in Palghar

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray cannot get away with his ‘secular’ rant, claiming there was no communal angle to the lynching of sadhus (Hindu saints) Kalpavriksha Giri Maharaj and Sushilgiri Maharaj in Palghar. One does not have to bear a name denoting a different religion to hate Hindus. Communists are a prime example. “They are bhagva (saffron)-haters,” said nationalist thinker and Supreme Court lawyer Amitabh Sinha to Sirf News. He pointed out that communists have a thriving ecosystem in and around Palghar — especially the tehsils of Dahanu, Talasari, Vikramgad, Palghar, Jawhar, Mokhada and Wada.

“The mob was not 200 or 2,000-men strong, as some media houses have reported. They were about 60-70 people — all communist cadre,” Sinha said, “And the policemen handpicked by them to serve their interests helped execute their conspiracy.”

In the meantime, three local panchayat members of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) have surfaced among those of members of the lynch mob: Vishnu Patara, Subhash Bhaavar and Bhaavar.

Whereas the CPM has released a press note pointing fingers at the BJP, alleging that panchayat members of the party ruling the Centre were involved in the lynching, Sinha questioned how panchayat members rather than the state government and the MLA of Dahanu constituency of District Palghar, CPM’s Vinod Bhiva Nikole, could control the police. Sinha referred to the CPM press note as “chor ki dadhi men tinka (acts of a guilty conscience)”.

Hindu saints murdered by communist-jihadi combine: Sr SC lawyer
Amitabh Sinha

“A typical way in which these communists function is infesting the system with officers who would do their bidding,” said Sinha, adding that the policemen hand-picked by the communists for postings in the region were hand-in-glove with the mob. The lawyer alleged that the Shiv Sena MP and MLAs in the area entered an unholy nexus with the communists” to kill the saints in bhagva”.

“Communists are basically jihadis with a mask. Their Hindu names are a mukhauta (mask),” Sinha said, asserting that they are actually anti-Hindu. He reminded how the communists missed no opportunity to extend support to jihadi elements — be it on the issue of amended citizenship law, the that spread coronavirus in the country as a part of their strategy of bio-terrorism or several cases of terrorism earlier.

“It is pertinent to note that on 17 December last year, 12 Bangladeshi infiltrators had been caught in Palghar. This year on 12 February, another 22 Bangladeshis were in the area, highlighting the place as a hotspot of jihadi elements,” the lawyer said.

“At times, the jihadis are on the forefront and the communists lend their support to the breaking India forces from the backstage. At other times, like in Palghar, the communists themselves manned the front that launched an assault on Hindus,” Sinha said, calling Chief Minister Thackeray a “puppet in the hands of this unholy nexus, who has no other choice than to offer alibis to his masters”.

Meanwhile, while another video of the lynching has surfaced, where someone is heard screaming, “Bhāg, Shoaib, bhāg (run, Shoaib, run),” there has been an attempt to spread this fake news that a rumour that the Hindu saints were child abductors had angered the villagers. “That is a ploy to deflect the attention from the political criminals,” Sinha said, adding that he had had a talk with his sources in the administration, from where he has come to know that the policemen deliberately took the saints along a route where the communist cadre were waiting to ambush the holy men.

“The unholy nexus of communists and Islamists not only mobilised their cadre against the Hindu saints but also made police a part of their game plan,” said Sinha.

In fact, as earlier reported, in the first video that had surfaced, the policemen appear to be handing over the Hindu saints and their driver to the mob. The mischief by the police looks worse where the old, frail sadhu runs back to one of the cops and the man in uniform, instead of trying to protect him, shrugs him off. Sinha demanded a CBI inquiry into the lynching incident to unmask the politicians, their henchmen, policemen, party cadre and other accomplices and try them in the court of law under the charge of culpable homicide amounting to murder.

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