Thursday 26 May 2022
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Hindu professor at AMU makes Hinduphobic slide

Prof Jitendra Kumar's presentation had various references from Hindu Puranas to make a phobic and misleading point that rapes were rampant in ancient India and sanctioned by its original religion

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In a development that highlights that the real enemy of the majority community in India is a bunch of treacherous Hindus, of whom Islamists merely take advantage to wreck the nation, a professor at the Aligarh University (AMU), who happens to be a Hindu, has been caught using a slide for a presentation that has obnoxiously false assertions about Hindu gods. AMU has issued a show cause notice to the professor.

Assistant professor at the Department of Forensic Medicine at AMU, Jitendra Kumar, was teaching a class of third-year of yestyday when he showed a powerpoint presentation to his class. The presentation had various references from Hindu Puranas to make a phobic and misleading point that rapes were rampant in ancient India and, worse, that the criminal act enjoyed the sanction of India’s original, ancient religion.

The Hindu professor made two references to Brahma, regarded as the creator of the world by Hindus, and Vishnu, revered as the keeper of the world.

Such propaganda material is typically found in Christian evangelist and Muslim tablighi literature and websites that aim at making Hindus ashamed of their heritage after which, the conversion brigade hopes, Hindus will abandon their faith and join one of the Middle-Eastern desert-origin religions.

Many found the slide objectionable. They took pictures of the presentation and circulated them on social media. Among the comments made on the slides was, “…absolutely disgusting and insulting for the entire Hindu community of AMU”.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s national spokesperson Vinod Bansal tweeted that the “strictest action” needed to be taken.

A Twitter user suggested that the National Security Act must be invoked.

Stating that the contents of the slide hurt religious sentiments, AMU directed Associate Professor Jitendra Kumar to submit his reply on the matter within 24 h. “The Aligarh University and the Faculty of Medicine strongly condemned the content of a slide on the mythical reference of rape and issued a show cause notice to Dr Jitendra Kumar for hurting the religious sentiments of the students, staff, and citizens,” a statement issued by the university said.

AMU has also instituted a two-member enquiry committee to probe the matter and recommend steps to ensure that the incident is not repeated in the future.

It said that Jitendra Kumar has tendered an unconditional apology for his oversight.

A cornered Kumar submitted a meek apology, saying, “My intention was not to hurt religious sentiments of any particular religion and the reference was only to highlight that the rape has been part of society for long, which I considered being an inadvertent mistake on my part… I assure you that such type of lapse will not occur in future and I again tender my unconditional apologies”.

AMU PRO Omar Peerzada said that the university had a “zero-tolerance policy” towards such acts.

The slide in question sparked a massive row after it was shared on social media.

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