Friday 2 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaHindu-Muslim difference in India: T Raja Singh hounded, Syed Abdahu Kashaf gets...

Hindu-Muslim difference in India: T Raja Singh hounded, Syed Abdahu Kashaf gets bail

In a classic example of the discrimination that a Hindu faces in his own country, Syed Abdahu Kashaf, the Hyderabad-based influencer and self-proclaimed social and civil rights activist who had threatened to behead suspended MLA Thakur Raja Singh, was granted bail after an hour of his arrest on 25 August. The police had arrested Syed Abdahu Kashaf for raising the "sar tan se juda" slogan against Telangana's suspended MLA who had asked if people get away with heaping scorn on Rama and Sita wantonly, why he could not question the character of Mohammed, Islam's prophet. 

An FIR was registered against the Muslim influencer, following which he was arrested. On 22 August, Syed Abdahu Kashaf posted a video, raising the "sar tan se juda" slogan and urging people to continue their protests against Singh outside the office of the South Zone DCP in Hyderabad.

The next day, police arrested Singh after a case was filed against him over his remarks about Islam's prophet. He was granted bail that day, but this afternoon, he was arrested again.

Following Singh's arrest, Kashaf admitted to using the "sar tan se juda" slogan to protest against the alleged blasphemous remarks and expressed no regret. "In this protest, I myself used the statement (slogan). I did not have any intention of doing something unconstitutional. My intention was that the person who abuses or uses ill language against the prophet would suffer the punishment 'sar tan se juda'. That is my religious belief," he said.

"Hyderabad is totally controlled by us," Kashaf said when asked about the consequences of the slogans he raised. To recall, in Rajasthan's Udaipur, a tailor was beheaded for a post supporting Nupur Sharma and the culprits were seen raising the slogan in a video released after the crime.

Hindu hounded

Meanwhile, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said the suspended BJP leader should be sent to police custody and his voice sample should be collected and sent to FSL [Forensic Science Laboratory] so that a legally strong case is made against him. "This should be the last time that he speaks nonsense like this," AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi said.

More cases have been registered against suspended Singh at multiple police stations including Nampally, Malakpet, Mangalhat, Jeedimetla, Vanasthalipuram and Dabeerpura.

After multiple police stations received complaints, cases were registered against Singh at multiple police stations including Nampally, Malakpet, Mangalhat, Jeedimetla, Vanasthalipuram, Dabeerpura and three other police stations. Singh has been booked on charge of promoting enmity between groups.

Police resorted to lathi-charge after a large crowd of protesters gathered at Shalibanda in Hyderabad in the late hours of 24 August over the remarks of suspended Singh on Islam's prophet.

Telangana Police carried out a flag march in Hyderabad amid protests in the city against suspended BJP leader Singh for his comment on Islam's prophet.

Later in the day, police again carried out a flag march in the tense Shalibanda area.

When the Hindu leader, who said his religion was more important to him than how his party treated him, was produced in the court, the judge accepted the defence lawyer’s argument that the police did not issue a notice under CrPC 41(A) to the accused before the arrest. The court granted Singh bail. He has now been booked under the Preventive Detention Act.

Meanwhile, in a new video that has now surfaced, Singh attacked Telangana minister KT Rama Rao and AIMIM chief Owaisi for allegedly vitiating the atmosphere of Telangana. He also targeted comedian Munawar Faruqui and alleged that KTR allowed him "to make jokes about our gods".

Owaisi, earlier in the day, demanded the Hindu ’s arrest and said that protests in some parts of Hyderabad were a direct result of the alleged hate speech by the saffron party leader. In a tweet, Owaisi said the police picked up 90 people from the Shah Ali Banda area on 24 August and on his representation they were released.

"This situation is a direct result of Singh’s hate speech. He must be sent to jail at the earliest. I also reiterate my appeal to maintain peace. #Hyderabad is our home, it should not fall prey to communalism," Owaisi tweeted.

Earlier in the day, security forces remained on alert in parts of Hyderabad following protests against the Hindu leader's alleged remarks against Islam's prophet while police said the situation was peaceful and under control, even as some educational institutions remained closed fearing unrest.

Amid protests, Telangana Home Minister Mahmood Ali said the government would not compromise on and order issues and tolerate those who try to hurt the sentiments of other religions and action will be taken as per law.

"There are several complaints across the state against Singh that he made derogatory remarks on the prophet. He was arrested on 23 August," Ali said in a statement on 24 August. Appealing to people to maintain peace and calm, he further said no one should take the into their hands.

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