Saturday 23 October 2021
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Hindu man lets Muslim woman colleague hitchhike, beaten by mob

The miscreants waylaid the bike near the Dairy Circle on Bannerghatta Road and objected to the burqa-clad woman's pillion riding


A mob of Muslims stopped a Hindu man, who was dropping his woman colleague home on his two-wheeler, and assaulted him in the Dairy Circle area of Bengaluru on 17 September in the evening.

The woman was in a burqa.

A video of the incident has been circulating on social media, where two men can be heard asking why the woman was travelling with a man from a different faith. The men in the mob were seen threatening the Hindu man, warning him not to ride with a Mulsim woman ever again.

The Muslims assaulted the Hindu man, forced the woman to share her members’ numbers and called them to abuse them.

The men, whom the police arrested subsequently, had forced the woman to get off and take an autorickshaw home.

The police said that the woman and the man are colleagues at a bank. As it was late on 17 September evening, he was dropping her home.

The incident came to light only after a video was shared widely on social media. Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-East) Joshi Srinath Mahadev said: “After the video went viral, we registered a case in SG Palya police station and arrested two persons within 12 hours after the incident.”

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai tweeted: “In connection with the case of on a bike rider travelling along with a woman of different faith, @BlrCityPolice has acted swiftly, identified & secured 2 accused persons. A case is registered & legal action is initiated. My Govt. deals with such incidents with an iron hand.”

Pramod Mutalik, founder of Srirama Sene, condemned the incident and said, “It is systematic ploy to single out Hindus and spread animosity between communities. There are many Muslims running businesses even outside the temples under Hindu names too. They depend on Hindu customers to earn money. But they are opposed to a Hindu youth extending help to a woman.”

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