Friday 27 May 2022
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Hindu journalist in Pakistan who covered conversion drive of Islamists shot dead

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Hindu Member of National Assembly Lal Chand Malhi condemned the incident while the local society is hardly moved

Ajay Lalwani, a Hindu journalist from the Sukkur town in the Sindh province of Pakistan, was shot dead in a barber’s shop in the week gone by. While the murder has evoked sharp criticism from activists in the country, there is no report of consternation among the masses in general in the Islamic republic.

Suspected Islamists shot at Lalwani while he was sitting at the saloon last Wednesday. He was rushed to the civil hospital in the town but succumbed to the injuries and died on Thursday, 18 March.

A small group of activists staged a demonstration in Sukkur, questing the safety of journalists and demanded immediate arrest of the culprits, who is believed to be an influential politician of the region.

“We have information that Ajay was killed on the insistence of a local politician of Sindh who has not only lend his support to the Islamic clerics having a major role in the conversion of Hindu girls to Islam but also provides shelter to them since Ajay had been exposing their deeds.” said a source

“We believe that the said politician had orchestrated his murder,” the source said.

The motley group that was moved by the murder

The Hindu journalist was on the target of a few local politicians who enjoyed the support of some bureaucrats.

A demonstration in Sukkur city of Pakistan was held on Saturday, demanding the immediate arrest of the culprits.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) Hindu Member National Assembly (MNA) Lal Chand Malhi condemned the incident and directed police to arrest investigate the matter and arrest the assailants at the earliest.

Sahil Jogi, the Hindu journalist’s colleague, said Lalwani is the fourth journalist to have been killed by militants in the past one year.

The Journalists Union of Pakistan held a demonstration Sukkhur on Saturday condemning the killing of journalists and demanded safety for the journalist fraternity.

Meanwhile, four Hindu girls have been kidnapped in the last 36 days in Sindh — the kind of news stories Ajay Lalwani used to file until he was shot dead.

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