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Hindu girl converts for nikah in West Bengal, turns terrorist in Bangladesh


Dhanekhali: Dhaka Police’s Counter- and Transnational Crime (CTTC) unit arrested a young woman named Ayesha Jannat (née Pragya Debnath) last week. She hails from Hooghly, West Bengal, She used to be a student of Sanskrit. She was a Hindu. After conversion to Islam, she recruited terrorists for different Bangladeshi organisations.

In what exemplifies the sinister industry of Islamism in West Bengal, Pragya, who studied at the Dhanekhali College in Bengal, fell for a Muslim and eloped with him, informing her parents over the phone shoe was married now and would never return to them.

Pragya’s mother Geeta sews and knits clothes to eke out a living while her father Pradeep lost his job in the lockdown. Pradeep used to work as a security guard.

The Hindu girl falls for the charm of a Muslim

The Hindu girl, who secured good scores in the examinations of Classes X and XII, decided to study Sanskrit in college. The who entered her life around this time was actually a terrorist. The love affair between the two intensifies until one day Pragya called her mother and told her she had converted to Islam, married her boyfriend and was now called Jannat.

It was 24 September 2016 when she had left home on the pretext of buying a book. She never returned home. The family lodged a complaint at the police station near the village.

Her husband introduced Jannat to terrorist organisations in Bengal and Bangladesh online. She began working in Bangladesh, assuming the name Jannatul Tasnim.

Ayesha Jannat was her name as a terrorist. Terrorist organisations advise their terrorists to work under many assumed names to dodge security agencies and forces.

Hindu girl converts for nikah, then turns terrorist

From a promising student to a terrorist

Ayesha had started visiting Dhaka in the year 2016. She first got a fake birth certificate followed by a Bangladeshi identity card. The police recovered an Indian passport from her too.

The Hindu-turned-Muslim girl made Dhaka her home where she became a religious teacher in the madrassa located in the Keraniganj and Narayanganj areas of the capital of Bangladesh.

Ayesha would incite the youth through online messages. She also taught at an unregistered madrassa in Bangladesh. In due course, Ayesha became the biggest leader of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen’s women’s cell after its head Akashi Khatoon was arrested.

Ayesha had turned a full-fledged terrorist in March 2020. She married a Bangladeshi filthy rich terror financer based in Oman, Aamir Hussain Saddam. Some media reports say Ayesha had converted after coming in contact with someone during her schooling years as she had claimed in the conversation with her mother.

During the interrogation, she told the police she had been forcibly converted when she was in Class IX. She is barely 25 but old enough to roam the world of terror.

Sources said the people of her village still know Pragya as a cheerful and promising student, who used to go to school by bicycle. Her mother still remembers the day when she left home forever.

Her neighbours say that she was very shy. They had no idea she would become a terrorist. Everyone remembers the once-Hindu girl as a straightforward college student.

Mother Geeta got the news of her daughter’s arrest from local media. She had assumed she would never see her daughter again. She wants her daughter to be punished according to the law.

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