Monday 20 September 2021
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Hindu girl battling love jihad: The painful ‘Conversion’

Bollywood, the film industry infamous for its anti-Hindu narrative, is tight-lipped about The Conversion, real-life on silver screen

The trailer of a based on love jihad was released on 13 August. The film, The Conversion, is based on the same social problem that many Hindu girls in the country are facing today. Two million people viewed the trailer on YouTube the very first day while more than 25,000 liked it. The will be released this month.

Directed by Vinod Tiwari and produced under the banner of Nostrom Entertainment Hub, the tells the story of a Hindu girl who loves a Muslim boy named Hindu like ‘Bablu’. She goes against her family’s reservations about the match and marries her, but the family in-law treats her very badly. Then the girl takes the initiative to save other Hindu girls from this deception and conspiracy by escaping from the clutches of her Muslim husband.

Talking about the film, director Vinod Tiwari says that he has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, not because the is very important to him but because the story will create awareness in today’s youth. He said that the film was not just a love triangle but was based on a sensitive issue like conversion after love marriage in India.

He said, “The Conversion is not a simple love triangle between Bablu, Dev and Sakshi but a that sensitively explores the dilemma of religious conversions that happen during love marriages in India.”

While Bollywood refrains from working on such sensitive issues, people are appreciating the attempt to bring to the fore a religious problem of modern India through a film. Many social media users are promoting the on Twitter. Bollywood, the film industry infamous for its anti-Hindu narrative, is tight-lipped about The Conversion.

The stars Vindhya Tiwari, Prateek Shukla, and Ravi Bhatia in lead roles.

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डॉ. अ‍ॅनी बेझंट यांचे भारतीय स्वातंत्र्यलढ्यातील आणि सामाजिक सुधारणांसाठी दिलेले योगदान बहुमूल्य आहे. व्यासंगी लिखाणशैली, अमोघ वक्तृत्व, वक्तशीरपणा आणि प्रचंड कार्यक्षमता असे अष्टपैलू व्यक्तिमत्व लाभलेल्या ज्येष्ठ समाजसुधारक डॉ. अ‍ॅनी बेझंट यांना पुण्यस्मरण दिनी विनम्र अभिवादन!

सेवा और निष्ठा !!!

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