Friday 22 October 2021
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Hindu boy ‘sacrificed’ in Gopalganj mosque; threatened parents leave Bihar for undisclosed location in UP

The father of the victim says four Muslim boys had taken his child away to the mosque on the pretext of playing cricket on 28 March; the Islamic community here believes the sacrifice of a Hindu consecrates the mosque


A Hindu child was ‘sacrificed’ to ’empower’ a newly constructed mosque in village Belahi Khas of ​​Kataiya police station area of ​​Gopalganj, the victim’s father has alleged. Since the incident, the victim’s family has been running from pillar to post for justice.

Sirf News spoke to some villagers in Belladih to find out more about this incident and the serious allegation. One of them said that the station in-charge Ashwani Tiwari kept with him the post-mortem report of the victim, Rohit, for 22 days. A villager said that there were some influential Hindus in the village; still, they did not want to mess with Muslims.

Accused as he may be for insensitivity, another villager asked if it was his own son, whether the SHO would have still behaved like this.

Father of the Rajesh said that he had received calls from many people but no media person could assure him that his side of the story would be shown on TV or published in any newspaper.

Still disappointed, the hapless father hopes the “big media houses” will let his voice be heard and echo his for justice.

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Tiwari said that four persons had been arrested, claiming that the police had taken prompt action. He said the police were looking for another suspect.

The SHO refused to react to the allegations of the victim’s family. He said he was busy with lockdown duty. Hindu villagers say the arrests were for public alone and the suspects had actually been released.

Rajesh Jaiswal, an OBC, is the head of a poor family that used to eke out a living by selling pakoras in Belahi, Gopalganj. They allege that on 28 March, some boys came and forcefully dragged their child away to the mosque on the pretext of playing cricket.

Rajesh told that the boys who took his child away were all Muslim. Making very serious allegations, he further said that his 15-year-old son Rohit was first taken to the mosque, where he was ‘sacrificed’.

Hindu boy 'sacrificed' in Gopalganj mosque; threatened parents leave Bihar for undisclosed location in UP

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Rajesh said further Muslims of the village were often heard saying if a Hindu was sacrificed, the mosque would become powerful and its influence would increase.

After the alleged murder of his son, Rajesh went to the police station with his wife where SHO Tiwari allegedly abused him with expletives that cannot be published here. One can hear these abuses in mobile recordings done inside the police station.

Rajesh alleges the police beat him and his wife. When a media house contacted the senior officials of the Gopalganj police and asked the cops about this, they said action had been taken in the matter after investigation. They shied away from answering why Rajesh and his family had to flee the village.

Local politicians did not help the Hindu family.

After the incident, the family of the left the village and started living somewhere far away in Uttar Pradesh due to the threats on their lives. Allegedly, while shooing the Hindu away, as the victim’s mother told the police they were receiving death threats, the SHO advised them callously to leave the village and seek shelter somewhere else.

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