Friday 2 December 2022
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CrimeHindu boy killed by Muslim hecklers for objecting to love jihad in...

Hindu boy killed by Muslim hecklers for objecting to love jihad in high school

A bunch of Muslim hecklers killed Aditya Tiwari, a student of a high school in Jalalpur, after he protested against their repeated acts of harassing the students of the education centre and particularly an affair of one of the students with a member of the Muslim gang. Last Tuesday, in a bid to establish their hegemony in the area, Saif, Tahil and Irfan (all names changed because the police say they are minors) reached the coaching centre in the Bhatkesari market area and attacked Aditya Singh.

After the arrest and interrogation of the suspects, who hail from Village Chaipali village, the police will also summon the coaching operator for questioning. The coaching centre is closed as of now.

Suspects Saif and Irfan have been kept at the Kopa police station for questioning. The police are raiding possible hideouts, looking out for the third suspect who is also the main conspirator.

The third suspect had posted "Aaj Jalalpur me khela hoe)" on social media.

Teachers carrying Aditya Tiwari's body to a hospital

Teachers carrying Aditya Tiwari's body to a hospital

Police in Village Enamipur from Jalalpur have recovered the knife with which boy was murdered after the two arrested suspects kept evading the police through the night. On Thursday, the police took one of the suspects to Enamipur. The knife was recovered from a field on the side of the road. Following the murder, the killers had thrown away the knife.

After the murder, the suspects reached their house in Chaipali via Enamipur and changed their clothes. Cops at the Jalalpur police station said that the knife would be sent to the SFL for forensic examination.

The high school remained closed for the second day after the boy's murder. The teachers headed to the office of the district education officer, demanding a guarantee of their security. The teachers said that they would not run the school without a credible assurance of their safety. Headmaster Prabhatesh Pandey said that the benches and desks inside the classrooms of the school had been vandalised and an LED TV broken. The record books have been damaged too. How many assets have been lost will be known only after the school opens, the headmaster said.

The second-term examination was going on at the time of the incident. The question paper had been distributed, and then then a student informed the teachers about the incident. They took the dead student to the community hospital.

The headmaster lodged an FIR about the incident and also a case of vandalism in the school, naming unknown people as the miscreants. Enraged locals are suspected to have vandalised the school.

The police say both the arrested suspects are minors. The incident is a culmination of a dispute at the coaching centre.

The court has yet to decide whether the case will be heard in a juvenile or general court, the SHO at the Jalalpur police station said.

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