Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaHijab virus spreads to Andhra; Loyola College principal puts foot down

Hijab virus spreads to Andhra; Loyola College principal puts foot down

Interestingly, the authority that protested against hijab in the Andhra Pradesh college was not Hindu or RSS's ABVP but a Christian, Father GAP Kishore

Following the sensitisation of the Government PU College in Karnataka, the Andhra Loyola College today debarred Muslim from entering its premises when they suddenly appeared all covered in hijab, inspired by their fellow religionists in the neighbouring state. The Muslim students claimed incredibly that they had been going to college in a burqa or hijab since their first year even as their Hindu batch mates were amused by the claim as they had rarely seen the outfit in this college before.

Pathan Sadiqunnisa claimed that the college principal restricted her from entering the college in Muslim attire.

She said, “we have been wearing hijabs from the beginning and our ID cards were also photographed with traditional hijab wear. Now the correspondent says that we can’t come to college wearing it.”

Interestingly, the authority that protested in the Andhra Pradesh college was not Hindu or an RSS affiliate. It was Father GAP Kishore, principal of the degree college, who found a few Muslim girls wearing hijab and burqa and did not allow them to enter the college.

Kishore, the principal of the college, however, denied the allegation. He clarified that girls or faculty were not allowed inside the classroom in Muslim attire. “This morning, while I was on rounds in the college, I found three girls entering college late. Two among them were in Muslim attire. I asked them to go to the girls’ waiting room and change before going to the classroom. However, they refused and went away,” the principal said.

He emphasised that the ‘college dress code’ was for every student and that other Muslim girls and faculty followed the rule.

The Muslim students were so adamant that they got themselves photographed in burqas for the college ID card!

Muslim elders, who came to know about the issue, reached the college and held talks with the management after which the issue was resolved. Subsequently, the college management allowed the into the classroom but without religious attire.

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