Saturday 28 May 2022
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Hijab activists denied re-exam opportunity

K Raghupati Bhat of the BJP, who represents Udupi, urged the government to give Muslim girl students a second chance to take exams without wearing hijab

The Department of Pre University Education (PUE) of Karnataka has decided not to entertain the request of pro-hijab protestors to allow them to take the second PUC Examination 2022, which they had wantonly missed due to their participation in activism. The state government has decided not to let the activists, mostly Muslims but also their Hindu leftist supporters, sit for a re-examination because they had boycotted the PUC II Practical exam.

The practical examination for the Second PUC Examination 2022 was scheduled to take place in February and March. However, at the time, many Muslim students and activists supporting their ’cause’ deliberately did not take the exam while some were not allowed to enter the exam centres sporting the hijab.

The announcement of “no re-examination” comes at a time when the authorities concerned were considering alternative options for protestors demanding the ‘freedom’ to wear hijab who did not pass the Second PUC Exams 2022. The government decided to mark them ‘absent’ for the missed Practical exams, putting an end to any hope of a resolution.

“How can we even consider the possibility? If we allow the students who boycotted the practicals because they were not allowed to wear hijab to the exam despite the interim order issued by the high court, another will come citing some other reason and seeking a second chance. It is impossible,” BC Nagesh, the Primary and Secondary Education Minister said.

The Second PUC Exams in in 2022 are usually worth 100 points. Practicals are worth 30 points and theory is worth 70 points, for a total of 100 points per paper. While students who do not attend practicals will lose all 30 points, they can sit for and pass the 70-point theory exam to avoid missing the entire academic year. Unless otherwise stated, practical exams in these papers are worth 30 points, with theory papers accounting for the remaining marks.

K Raghupati Bhat of the BJP, who represents the Udupi constituency, had urged the government to give Muslim girl students a second chance to take exams without wearing hijab, citing the fact that many did not take the exams when they were held. He had demanded that the government take action against anyone who caused trouble on the state’s school and college campuses. His request was denied, however, because the final court order makes no mention of giving students a second chance to take exams.

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