Saturday 28 May 2022
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After babus to help domestic trade, babus to facilitate GST for exporters

New Delhi: Barely 24 h after dividing the industry into 18 sectors and assigning bureaucrats with the job of addressing businessmen’s issues with the unified goods and services tax (GST), the Union government has constituted a GST facilitation cell at the headquarters of the Directorate of Foreign Trade (DGFT). This cell will cater for exporters for a smooth transition to the GST regime that sets in on 1 July.

Additional Nikunj Kumar Srivastava heads this GST facilitation cell. The office will be manned by 2 other officers Joint DGFT Rakesh Kumar and Deputy DGFT Kaushlendra Pratap Singh. Exporters can email their FTP-related queries concerning GST to the linked addresses.

Similarly, all regional offices of have constituted a GST facilitation cell each. The cell would be led by the head of the regional office (Additional or Joint DGFT) with other 2 officers of the rank of Deputy DGFT or Assistant DGFT.

The DG, DGFT, convened a meeting of stakeholders (FIEO//industry) yesterday to understand the issues faced by them in the GST system. These issues have been taken up with the department of revenue and GSTN that have informed that most of the issues have already been resolved.

Earlier, the DGFT, jointly with FIEO, had organised an outreach programme on 2 June to educate the exporters about the GST regime. A large number of exporters attended the event. Director General Ajay Bhalla addressed the exporters and explained to them all aspects of GST, including the benefits that will accrue to them because of automatic and quick of all taxes paid on inputs. DG also responded to many queries of the exporters regarding various export promotion schemes,

The DG also responded to many queries of the exporters regarding various export promotion schemes, the filing of GST returns and claiming of refund. Additional DG, Directorate of Export Promotion Tejpal Singh and Commissioner of Customs Yoginder Garg were present at the workshop, making detailed presentations on GST.

Earlier, the Department of Commerce had announced to align the mid-term review of the foreign policy with the roll-out of GST for the convenience of exporters and industry.

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