Friday 9 December 2022
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Head, torso of Nupur Sharma will be found in different places: Threat issued from Jammu mosque

'Brothers, bear in mind that we are calm only as long as the limit of our tolerance is not crossed. If crossed, be it Nupur Sharma or that dog Ashish Kohli…'

A mosque in Jammu hosted a vitriolic speaker who, with a microphone in hand addressing a big crowd of Muslims, threatened to behead BJP’s suspended spokeswoman, Nupur Sharma, saying “these people who drink cow urine and bathe in cow dung have no status; they live due to the grace of our deeds” and that “even the lowest Muslim is capable of beheading someone”. A video shared by much-followed handles like Swati Goel Sharma and Anand Ranganathan, which has since gone viral on social platforms, shows a large number of Muslims cheering the speaker.

Speaking from atop the roof of the Jamia Masjid in Bhaderwah in District Doda in Jammu, the Muslim cleric from Anjuman-e-Islamia said that if the police did not arrest those who opposed azan and hijab, Muslims would get hold of them and behead them.

“गाय का पेशाब पीने वालों का, गोबर से नहाने वालों का, हैसियत क्या है इनकी? इनको जो हवा मिलती है, हमारी इबादत से मिलती है, इनको जो दरियाओं से पानी मिलता है, हमारी बरक़त से मिलता है. इनका वजूद क्या है? (What is the status of those who drink cow’s urine, those who bathe with cow dung? The air they breathe is from our prayers, the water they get from rivers is from our blessings. What otherwise is the worth of their existence?)”

The cleric in Jammu then says, “मेरे भाइयों, एक बात ज़ेहन में बैठा लो, हम तभी तक शांत हैं जब तक बर्दाश्त क़ायम है. अगर हम बर्दाश्त से बाहर निकल गए तो फिर वो नूपुर शर्मा क्या? वह कुत्ता आशीष कोहली क्या? वो नूपुर शर्मा का सर कहीं और धड़ कहीं और मिलेगा. (Brothers, bear in mind that we are calm only as long as the limit of our tolerance is not crossed. If crossed, be it or that dog Ashish Kohli… That Nupur Sharma’s head will be found somewhere and her torso somewhere else.”

The cleric seems to have mentioned Ashish Kohli because the journalist extended his moral support to Nupur Sharma. He had posted tweets supporting the suspended BJP spokeswoman with the hashtag #ISupportNupurSharma, which has been trending for days.

The demagogue from the mosque says further: “ये भगवे भी दुश्मन, ये आरएसएस भी हमारे दुश्मन हैं. इसलिए मैं तमाम अवाम का शुक्रिया अदा करता हूँ, administration का भी शुक्रिया करता हूँ यहां तक साथ दिया, आगे भी साथ दें. (Those in saffron robes are our enemy, as is the RSS. I thank all the people, thank the administration as well. They have supported me so far and I hope they continue supporting me in the future).

The orator in the mosque says, “मैंने जैसे पहले भी अर्ज़ किया कि ये अमन को ख़राब करने वाले अनासिर हैं जो कभी अज़ान पर बोलते हैं, कभी परदे पर. तो प्रशासन को चाहिए कि जो अज़ान और परदे पर बोले तो उसकी गर्दन पकड़े, नहीं तो हम उसका सर कलम कर देंगे. (As I said earlier, these are elements that destroy peace. They sometimes speak against azan and sometimes against purdah. So the administration must grab those who do so by their necks. If the administration does not, we will behead them.)”

The audacious speaker then says, “सबसे निचले दर्जे के मुस्लमान में भी इतना ईमान है कि वो चाहे तो दुनिया के किसी भी ताकतवर आदमी का सर कलम कर सकता है. (Even the lowest-ranking Muslim has so much power drawn from the faith that he can behead any powerful man in the world.)”

The rhetoric is followed by loud cries of “गुस्ताख़-ए-रसूल की एक ही सज़ा — सर तन से जुदा, सर तन से जुदा (There is but one punishment ordained for insolence against the prophet — the head must be parted from the body)” from the delirious crowd.

says she has been receiving threats persistently from Islamists from different parts of the world following her remarks on the prophet of Islam. Reminiscent of the rhetoric of the terrorist infamous for the attack on security forces, Jaish-e-Mohammad’s Adil Ahmed Dar alias Waqas, the cow urine jibe has not attracted any legal provision for stereotyping a community while mocking the Shiva Linga since the Kashi Vishwanath Mandir-versus-Gyanvapi Masjid issue resurfaced has not led to FIRs or arrests, but now faces a plethora of cases for the remarks that neither history refutes nor the hadiths deny.

has been threatened by extremist organisations like the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan that announced a reward of Pakistani Rs 5 million (about Rs 19.5 lakh) on 29 May for anybody who beheads Nupur for allegedly committing “blasphemy”.

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