Tuesday 18 January 2022
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Hathras accused to police: Victim’s family killed her

The victim's kin in Hathras has, meanwhile, said the allegations of honour killing and this letter are efforts to malign their family

The four men accused in the Hathras rape and murder case have written to the Hathras Superintendent of Police, claiming they are “innocent”. They said that the brother and mother of the 19-year-old woman beat her up on 14 September, leading to her death. The victim’s family was “against our friendship”, the accused wrote.

These four men allegedly raped and assaulted the 19-year-old woman. She gave a statement at an Aligarh hospital that she was “gang-raped” by the four. Following the statement, the police the four and sent them to Aligarh jail on 26 September.

The woman died at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital three days later.

Prime accused Sandeep wrote the letter. It carries the thumbprints of Luv Kush, Ram Kumar and Ravi. The received the mail late in the evening yesterday. In it, Sandeep alleged that he and the woman were “friends” who often spoke over the “phone”.

“I was on 20 September under a false case. My relatives Ram and Ravi were also arrested in this case along with a local Luv Kush. The woman (victim) was my friend. We would meet each other and also talk over the phone. Her family was against our friendship,” said the letter.

On 14 September, accused Sandeep said he had met the woman in the fields, where her mother and brother were present too. He alleged that he “left the place when she asked him to do so”. He claimed he went on to feed his animals. Later, villagers told Sandeep that the woman’s family beat her up because she was friends with him, he claimed in the letter.

“Her mother and brother beat her up. She sustained severe injuries which later caused her death. I have never hit the woman or done anything wrong. Her mother and brother registered a false case against me and three others and sent us to jail. We are innocent. Please investigate this matter and get us justice,” said Sandeep in the letter which has thumbprints of all the four accused.

Alok Singh, Senior Superintendent, Aligarh Jail said, “They gave us a letter addressed to the Hathras yesterday. As per law, we forwarded the letter to Hathras police in the evening.”

The woman’s family, meanwhile, has said the allegations and the letter are a way to malign the family. “She didn’t have a cellphone and didn’t know how to use one. These allegations are false and the men are trying to malign us. My husband and father-in-law are very stressed. We are tired of these baseless allegations. Sandeep has been harassing my sister-in-law for months,” said the victim’s sister in law.

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