Saturday 21 May 2022
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‘Haryana, UP Police worst offenders against women’

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Notice to be issued to Gurgaon Police

National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson Mamata Sharma today described Uttar Pradesh and Haryana police as worst offenders in relation to crime against women.

“We have been trying to sensitise police to issues related to women, but these police forces simply ignore our efforts,” Sharma said while responding to a delegation from Youth 4 Democracy (Y4D) on harassment of a by Haryana cops.

The organisation complained against the police for ill-treating Ms Reena Malhotra (name changed) when she had gone to lodge a complaint on dowry harassment and domestic violence. Instead of registering the complaint, the police asked her various sexually suggestive questions, salacious in nature, and cast aspersions on her character. The police later rejected the complaint and sent the back.

Five male policemen checked the ’s bag; there was not a single woman officer to hear her out.

Y4D has demanded stern action against the erring cops. The police should have taken the complaint and investigated the matter rather than harassing the woman, representatives of the organisation told सिर्फ़ News. If this can happen in Gurgaon, the situation of the would be worse, Nikita Parmar, secretary of the organisation said.

Sharma met the complainant and assured the delegation that she would take strong action against the police including summoning the SP of Gurgaon and SHO Rajpal Yadav of the erring DLF Phase III police station where the cops had used expletive-ridden language to address the victim and refer to her while talking among themselves.

One is, however, not sure the police will mend its ways following the summons, as the has failed to do anything other than summoning the officers.

Malhotra said she went into because of the police treatment and was contemplating suicide when she felt she would not be able to fight her case. Her husband had married her in a temple and had promised to announce the same in public, though her family and that of her husband both knew of it, she said. They have been living together ever since. When the victim insisted on making the marriage public, as he had promised, he backtracked and tried to use police help to browbeat her into silence, she told सिर्फ़ News. “He said that he would let the world know of our marriage only after my family paid him a hefty dowry,” the victim alleged.

Y4D, two of whose office bearers are also practising lawyers, has been handling such cases of crime against women since 2011, the organisation informed. “It is unfortunate that the police simply refuses to be sensitive to women’s concerns,” Parmar said.

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