Thursday 28 October 2021
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Harris a supporter of murderers and rapists?


US Democrat vice-presidential choice promoted a Minnesota group after George Floyd’s death that sparked the Black Lives Matter movement. This group used donations to bail out alleged violent criminals, it has now surfaced.

The Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF) received more than $ 35 million after not only Harris but also celebrities such as Steve Carell, Cynthia Nixon and Seth Rogen promoted the group big-time.

Harris a supporter of murderers and rapists? [internal image 1]
Darnika Floyd had allegedly stabbed a friend to death for refusing her sex

MFF has so far come to the rescue of Darnika Floyd who was charged with second-degree murder. She had allegedly stabbed a friend to death for refusing her sex. The group has helped twice-convicted rapist Christopher Boswell too. Boswell was charged with sexual and kidnapping.

The MFF paid $ 100,000 to bail out Floyd and $ 350,000 to bail out Boswell, reported Fox 9. The media house reviewed “court records detailing an that the people assisted by MFF will pay the bail money back to the group.”

This money was supposed to have been raised exclusively for the purpose of rescuing BLM activists from the clutches of the law.

At the inception of the BLM movement, the MFF received an outpouring of support from people across the US and the world. Social media posts from Harris and other big names helped the support and donations grow exponentially. “If you’re able to, chip in now to the @MNFreedomFund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota,” Harris had written in a 1 June tweet.

The MFF, which had received just $ 100,000 in annual donations according to tax returns from 2017 and 2018, saw a windfall of donations after the tweet of Harris — who happens to own her African lineage while shying away from acknowledging her mother is a Tamil Brahmin from India.

Ironically, African-Americans are uncomfortable acknowledging Harris as one of their own.

Harris a supporter of murderers and rapists? [internal image 2]
Christopher Boswell, another beneficiary of Kamala Harris’s appeal, was charged with sexual and kidnapping

“We initially got some raised eyebrows especially when we ramped up our activity from $ 1,000 a day to now $100,000 a day, raised eyebrows from our bankers,” Greg Lewin, MFF’s interim executive director, said.

Lewin said further that the fund was not well received at the when they bailed out criminals. “The last time we were down there, the clerk said, ‘We hate it when you bail out these sex offenders, that is what they said’,” the interim executive director of MFF said.

“I often don’t even look at a charge when I bail someone out,” Lewin said, adding around 60% of the jail population in Minnesota was awaiting trial.

In Minnesota, there are 11 Native Americans and 4.7 African-Americans to every white person jailed.

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