Sunday 24 October 2021
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Hardik urges Nitin Patel to join Cong


Ahmedabad: With Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel reportedly expressing displeasure over the departments allotted to him, firebrand Patidar leader- urged him today to quit the BJP along with 10 party MLAs and join the Congress for a “deserving” position.

said a “veteran politician” like Nitin Patel, was being “sidelined” and “not being given respect” by the BJP “despite working hard for 27 years”.

The Patidar leader said if the deputy chief minister was ready to quit the BJP, then he would speak to the Congress to give the latter the post he deserved.

Days after being sworn into office, Nitin Patel is yet to take charge of the portfolios allotted to him, with a source in the BJP saying he had conveyed his displeasure to the party leadership over the departments given to him.

“If Nitinbhai makes up him mind and says he is ready to resign from the party and that 10 more MLAs are ready to tender their resignation, then we are ready to fully support him,” he said.

“To ensure good governance in Gujarat, we will talk to the Congress to include Nitinbhai and give him the post he deserves,” he said.

also said he had messaged the deputy chief minister yesterday that he (Hardik) was with him.

“I would request Nitinbhai to only say for the benefit of the community that it should get reservation. We will work together for the betterment of the state,” he added.

In the previous government, Nitin Patel used to handle key portfolios like and urban development. This time, he has been given the charge of departments like road and building, and health. He has also been alotted medical education, Narmada, Kalpsar and capital project.

A source in the BJP said Nitin Patel had conveyed his displeasure to the party leadership over the departments allotted to him.

With 99 MLAs, the BJP has a simple majority in the 182-member Assembly, 16 less than its 2012 tally of 115.

The opposition Congress, which had won 61 seats in 2012, managed to increase its tally to 77. The strength of the Congress and its allies in the new House is 80.


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