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Happy News Year 2019: 10 positive reports on 1 January

As the world welcomes the new year of 2019 AD, Sirf News brings to its readers 10 positive developments of the first day of another revolution of the earth around its sun

New Delhi: Here are the 10 positive developments of 1 January.
1. India turning richer
By 2030, India will add approximately 140 million middle-income and almost 30 million high-income households ― according to Bain & Company’s research.

2. Stock market performing well
The year 2018 has been one of the defining years for the Indian market when, despite a sharp sell-off by foreign funds, the Sensex showed a remarkable 6% gain, the best among Asian markets.

3. Bad loans shrink
The RBI is expecting bad loans to shrink in March, the exact ratio of which will be known when the financial results are out. As of September 2018, the gross non-performing assets ratio of banks had declined to 10.8% from March 2018’s 11.5%.

4. Goods, services turn affordable
In a new year gift to the common man, the government had notified reduction in GST rates on 23 goods and services, including movie tickets, TV and monitor screen. The consumers will pay less for these items of common consumption as the incidence of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on them will come down from Tuesday.

5. Indian in NASA
A Mumbai boy has made it to NASA. The person who is navigating the New Horizon spacecraft past the most distant and ancient object in the solar system, Ultima Thule, at around 11 AM is Shyam Bhaskaran who works with the American agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Navigator of a number of missions of the NASA, Bhaskaran was born in 1963 in a clinic of Matunga.

6. Indian kid smartest in Britain

An eight-year-old PIO boy, Arav Ajaykumar, has been adjudged one of the smartest people in Britain, as he entered Mensa with an IQ of 152 at the age of four. When he was two, he could count up to 2,000. He says he likes maths because there’s “only one right answer” to a given question in this subject.

7. Internet for villagers
Internet services will reach 19 crore villagers of the country this year, aided by cable television networks. The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India have revived a proposal to make these many owners of television sets in rural areas to access the net on TV through fixed-line networks. This method of accessing Internet will thus rise in India from the current 7% to the global average of 46%.

8. Cheap LPG
Fuel consumers will continue to reap the bonanza from sliding global oil prices in the New Year, as subsidised cooking gas (LPG) refill gets cheaper by Rs 120.50 since the highest rate reached in November 2018 on 1 January.

9. MCI to be run by eminent professionals
The regulatory authority of medical education in the country, the Medical Council of India, which is often in news for the wrong reason of corruption in its ranks and opaque accreditation to colleges, will soon be run by the directors of AIIMS and PGI Chandigarh and other professionals from the field. The Lok Sabha on Monday passed the IMC (Amendment) Bill to bring a law to that effect.

10. New Year ‘ball drop’ in Bengaluru
Emulating the famous event of new year celebrations at the Times Square of New York City, Bengaluru’s Brigade Road will host a similar ceremony. Another place in the world that sees a spectacular welcoming of the new year every year is Burj Khalifa of Dubai.

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