Wednesday 29 September 2021
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Hanuman temple in Telangana sold to Muslim firm that desecrates murti

FB user Monica Reddy posted a video after Hindus of Bhagya Nagar protesting against selling the Hamuman temple to the company were detained

The Telangana government has given away the land where a Hanuman temple was situated to Muslim construction company. Hindus who protested against the move demanded that the temple be restored were arrested by the police.

Facebook user Monica Reddy from Telangana posted that the K Chandrasekhara Rao government in Telangana had sold the land where a Hanuman temple is located to a construction company, Red Fort Akbar Builders. In a video, she alleged that she had been arrested and taken to the police station simply for trying to do puja in the temple.

Reddy said that Hindus of Bhagya Nagar area protested against giving up the Hamuman temple to a Muslim’s company. However they were arrested and physically harassed by the police. Mainstream media reports confirm the business transaction.

The said Hanuman temple is located on top of a hillock situated in the land bought by the company. The land is estimated to cost around Rs 1,500 crore and there are allegations that it was sold for a mere Rs 286 crore.

Social media users alleged that the company had removed the murti of Hanuman, leading to angry demonstrations by Hindus. While police detained the protesting Hindus, the civil administration demolished the temple. Bajrang and VHP activists were taken into preventive custody by the police for protesting against the desecration of the murti and demolition of the temple.

Leaders of Hindu organisations have expressed shock at this incident and KCR government’s brutal handling of Hindus and their religious sentiments. While KCR government’s Muslim appeasement is no secret, selling temple land and letting the temple be demolished has exposed its anti-Hindu nature. However as a result of intense opposition from Hindu saints and activists, the murti was restored at its original place and the company has agreed to rebuild the temple. They have also agreed to register the land in the name of Abhayanjaneya Temple Trust.

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