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GVL Narasimha Rao detained on way to protests against vandalism of temples

Rao said the latest such incident happened on the intervening night of 28 and 29 December when in a 400-year-old temple the idol of Lord Rama has been beheaded in Andhra Pradesh


Before Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) protests over incidents of temple vandalism in Andhra Pradesh, the police today detained BJP’s GVL Narasimha Rao who was on his way to the demonstration site.

About 5 km away from Ramateertham of Nellimarla Mandal in District Vizianagaram, where the Rama murti was desecrated a few days ago, the deployed a huge police force, seeing some people gathered there.

Speaking to reporters, Rao said what was happening in the was highly objectionable and condemnable. “A series of incidents involving attacks on Hindu temples and desecration of murtis have happened in Andhra Pradesh over the past 20 months. More than 140 such incidents have happened,” he said.

“The latest such incident happened on the intervening night of 28 and 29 December when in a 400-year-old temple the murti of Lord Rama has been beheaded. The incident has caused tremendous angst in Hindus not just in Andhra Pradesh but elsewhere as well,” Rao added.

“We just wanted to visit the temple and the local authorities to facilitate our visit to the hospital. They allowed the YSRCP leaders three days ago, they allowed the TDP leaders but only the BJP leaders have been prevented from going there two days ago and they repeated the same story today when I wanted to go to Rama temple along with our BJP president,” Rao said further.

“The police has been acting in the most undemocratic manner, not allowing us to go there and not arresting any culprit in the heinous incident. The government’s action is causing great anger in the people of Andhra Pradesh. The BJP in Andhra Pradesh is determined to take the action forward.”

Asked if he has been released, the BJP leader said: “Many of us have been forcibly taken away from the precincts of the temple. We have been taken to a place 10 km away to a guesthouse. We are waiting to be released and the BJP is strongly protesting against this kind of forceful action by the police when last evening they promised to allow 300-400 people visit the temple. The BJP in Andhra Pradesh will seriously pursue this matter and expose the present government for following such dictatorial attitude.”

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ఇందుకు ముఖ్య కారణం హిందూ దేవాలయాలను ప్రభుత్వం చెరపట్టి వాటిని వ్యాపార కేంద్రాలుగా, ప్రభుత్వ సంస్థలుగా మార్చడం.

తద్వారా హిందు ధర్మం తనను రక్షించి పోషించి ప్రోత్సహించే సంస్థలు వనరులు లేక దుర్భరస్థితిలో ఉంది.

ధర్మాన్ని రక్షించాలంటే గుళ్లు ప్రభుత్వ చెర నుండి బయటపడాలి.

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