Saturday 21 May 2022
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Greta Thunberg’s NGO that Disha Ravi joined targets India, other emerging economies, spares China

The map of the activities of the NGO shows that the FFF does not spare its hosts like the suicidally neo-leftist US and European Union either

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Police have found out by questioning Disha Ravi that she is one of the early members of the Bengaluru chapter of the NGO called Fridays For Future (FFF), purportedly a global movement for climate justice that Greta Thunberg founded, much as its website claims it is “a leaderless collaborative”. While the NGO might not have wanted its website to expose its double standards in protecting the environment globally, this webpage (click on the link) on the site shows that it targets many emerging economies including India while it has no activity in China, the high carbon footprint of which disturbs all international climate forums.

The FFF organised 24 events in India and none in China.

Sirf News Analysis

On 30 January 2020, Thunberg had said she had registered both her name and her “Fridays For Future” global protest movement as trademarks in order to prevent them from being hijacked for fraudulent purposes. Calling the bluff of the NGO that it is leaderless, a Google search includes big names in mainstream news media like BBC and The Hindu that carried the news that year on the aforementioned date.

If that was not enough, reports dated 24 August of last year say that Thunberg, along with Luisa Neubauer of Germany and Anuna de Wever van der Heyden and Adélaïde Charlier, both of Belgium, met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel two years after the first school strike for the climate took place. These reports say the four activists had noted this activity of theirs in an op-ed for The Guardian that week, which detailed their plans to share with her an open letter from July, signed by over 1,25,000 people, calling on European Union and global leaders to #FaceTheClimateEmergency.

As for their plans for India, it was in Bengaluru that FFF’s first chapter was launched. The FFF has more than 30 chapters across the country.

“We are a non-violent movement and use peaceful, considered and thoughtful actions to fight the climate crisis,” FFF volunteers claim. “We work by reflecting on our actions and experiences. We learn from each other and other movements.”

An inclusive and egalitarian, non-partisan, autonomous and decentralised movement, FFF claims that it strives to be a safe and positive environment movement.

The FFF movement claims also to strive to amplify voices of indigenous, marginalised communities whereas there is no record of their speaking up against the Muslims of Xinjiang province of China.

In the post-Soviet world where leftists have moved their base from the USSR westward where the First World tries to stall the growth of emerging economies to avoid competition, the map of the activities of the NGO shows that the FFF does not spare its hosts like the suicidally neo-leftist US and European Union either while targeting several other emerging economies like Brazil and South Africa. It is only communist-ruled China that it spares.

On 4 February, Greta Thunberg tweeted a toolkit, advising people on how to show support for the broker-influenced farmers protesting against the three agricultural reform laws in India. The toolkit included a document on details of Republic Day protests and online and street protests.

The document prepared by members of the NGO FFF detailed how and where the protests should be done outside Indian missions abroad, media houses, government buildings and even Adani-Ambani offices and asks people to tag Prime Minister Narendra Modi, agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar in their social media posts.

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Mausumi Dasgupta
Mausumi Dasgupta
Literary affairs writer, consultant for overseas education, history and economics enthusiast

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