Thursday 5 August 2021
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Greta, her NGO, American activist escalate Indian situation

PR-created activist Greta Thunberg, Fridays for Future and Alexandria Villaseñor have tweeted in support of Disha Ravi

PR-created climate activist Greta Thunberg and an American activist, all of 15, lent support to 22-year- Disha Ravi in India, who is in police custody for alleged sedition and other charges for making a toolkit that was allegedly used to conspire against the country in the name of supporting the protest by farmers against the new agriculture laws.

Fridays for Future (FFF), a group founded by Greta Thunberg in August 2018 when she was 15, tweeted it would “raise our voices peacefully and respectfully for those at stake, to ensure justice for everyone.”

“Freedom of speech and the right to peaceful protest and assembly are non-negotiable human . These must be a fundamental part of any democracy. #StandWithDishaRavi” Thunberg tweeted, linking a thread posted by FFF on Ravi’s .

Delhi Police said two others, Nikita Jacob and Shantanu Muluk, along with Disha Ravi, made the “toolkit” to plan how the farmer protests should be carried out. This involved escalating the situation by making global celebrities talk of the in India and also inciting mobs in India. Such an act amounts to sedition, the police said. While such planning is common for any social media campaign, people in India noted, it was perhaps a new idea for Thunberg who tweeted the toolkit, exposing the international leftist strategy to create chaos in India.

Thunberg later deleted the tweet as Disha told her over a WhatsApp conversation that she had committed a blunder. A tractor rally by farmers in Delhi on 26 January had turned riotous — following the leftist plan.

After Greta, American activist comes out in support of Disha

After Swedish Thunberg extended support to Disha Ravi, whom Delhi Police arrested in connection with the mischievous toolkit, American climate activist Alexandria Villaseñor came in support of the Bengalurean, who is part of her Fridays for Future movement.

Today, Villaseñor tweeted, “I know Disha Ravi and she is an amazing activist and awesome human! The right to peaceful protest is a human right and we will not be silenced. Please join me in supporting Disha #StandWithDishaRavi.”

Villaseñor’s tweet comes a day after Thunberg responded to the arrest of Disha Ravi for the first time on 19 February.

Using the hashtag “StandWithDishaRavi”, Thunberg also attached a statement issued by the Indian chapter of Fridays for Future. It is important to note that Greta Thunberg had posted the toolkit on Twitter that resulted in the arrest of Disha Ravi and non-bailable warrants against two others.

The Indian chapter of the movement launched by Greta Thunberg in 2018 said in a series of tweets on Friday, “Consistent with our mission, we aim to peacefully and proactively continue to advocate for our environment.”

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