Saturday 21 May 2022
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Govt to revive lost water bodies

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New Delhi: Union Ministry of Resources, River Development and Rejuvenation plans to revive all such springs, water bodies and fountains from Jammu & Kashmir to the north-eastern States that have been destroyed. There are several such springs and water bodies that have been destroyed due to the fury of nature including earth quakes. They are not only harming agriculture but also causing in the area.

Minister concerned said that the Gauri Kund on the way to Kedarnath Temple had been destroyed in the natural calamity that had hit the a few years ago. The National Ground Board has been asked to look for these springs and plan to revive them. Bharti said that these springs have not only been providing drinking water but also providing employment to the people of the area. The Gauri Kund, destroyed in the natural calamity, was providing employment to over 5,000 people of the nearby villages. This will be revived. The national Ground Water Boards has been asked to work in this regard. The people affected will be rehabilitated.

The minister also said that Gangani was another such body that she had visited. Its hot water cures the bathers of some diseases. This was also destroyed due to a natural calamity and plans are afoot to revive it. Such natural springs have been able to stop people from as was forcing people to move to big cities for get some work as contractual labourers.

Sources in the ministry said that such springs were very much in existence once upon a time in Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and the Northeast. Once the destroyed springs are revived, they will not only provide employment but agriculture and tourism will grow as well. The minister informed us that tourism around the Gauri Kund and Ganganani impacted people of the nearby villages as some of them were totally depended on them.

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