Saturday 21 May 2022
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Govt relaxes norms for start-up MSMEs

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New Delhi: Government has decided to relax the norms for start-up MSMEs. According to the decision, if the MSMEs can deliver the goods and services as per prescribed technical and quality specifications, the norms on prior experience and prior turnover will be relaxed for them. This will help the start-up MSMEs to take part in the mandatory 20% public procurement from MSMEs. The relaxation has been made to create a conducive environment for the start-ups in India, which is high on the agenda of the government.

To ensure better implementation of quality management standards and quality technology tools under the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Programme of the government, the ministry has decided to conduct two international study missions in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industry and Development Corporation during this year as well as in the next financial year. An campaign will be launched at 100 different locations across the country with the help of MSME-DIs and organisations with expertise in the field between 2017-18. Metro level workshops at Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and a national level workshop at Delhi will be organised in the next financial year.

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