Tuesday 18 January 2022
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Govt cracks down on overpriced products

New Delhi: Coming as a much needed relief to customers, the affairs department has advised State Governments that there is no concept of dual MRP provision in packaged commodities, therefore the same product cannot be sold at different in the same region. And in case there are different MRPs, the lowest one should be treated as the actual price.

Earlier, the National Disputes Redress Commission (NCDRC) has stated in its orders that no packaged product like bottled-water could be sold at a different price than the MRP at malls, cinema halls, and airports.

In a widely prevalent practice customers are overcharged for the same quality and quantity of a packaged product when bought from a mall, or multiplex, or airports. This is known as dual MRP. However in February this year itself the NCDRC had stated that “there cannot be two MRP except in accordance with the Law”. With the current advisory it further reiterates the point that it is illegal for a retail outlet to sell a packaged product at a higher price than what it would normally outside a mall or airport.

The efficacy of the ruling now depends on the State Government’s implementation of the same.

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