Thursday 19 May 2022
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Govindacharya critiques Modi cautiously

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The former RSS pracharak and BJP ideologue is waiting for clear statements and actions from the government before he fires further salvos at it

New Delhi — At a time when most organisations and leaders are undecided on whether or not to attack the Narendra Modi government as it is going to complete a year of being in power, the BJP’s former ideologue and social and political reformer, KN Govindacharya attacked the government as being “directionless” and not in sync with the country’s bitter realities.

He said he was still ready to give Modi the benefit of the doubt since it could not be said that he was not aware of the country’s bitter realities. However, he asked, “Who were Modi’s advisers that persuaded him to go ahead with the Acquisition Bill?”

Contrary to his agenda, he raised the issue of construction of a ‘grand’ Ram Temple at the disputed site at Ayodhya and sought to know the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s reaction to what Rajnath Singh had said on the issue. Two days ago, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said that the BJP would not take up the issue of the Ram temple since it did not have majority in the Rajya Sabha. “BJP does not have a majority in the Rajya Sabha, so this time it is not possible to bring motion in the Parliament to make law for the construction of Ram temple,” he said.

KN Govindacharya addressing the press conference today
KN Govindacharya addressing the press conference today

Govindacharya said he would speak out his mind on the issue after hearing from the BJP that had promised construction of the Ram temple and the VHP that has remained at the forefront of the temple agitation. He hinted that nothing prevented the ruling party from taking up the issue of Ram temple in the Lok Sabha. If the party can take up the issue of acquisition without a majority in the Rajya Sabha, it can raise the issue of Ram temple as well.

The former BJP ideologue’s main attack was on the Modi-led government’s insensitivity to the plight of the poor. About 40 crore people in the rural area would be uprooted due to those who have been ill-advising the government on the need to take farmers off farming and employ them in some other areas of economic activity. This is India and it has a different ethos, he asserted. What is happening now is that houses are being built without customers to buy and occupy them whereas more than five crore of Indians don’t have houses.

The agenda such as ‘Make in India’ has failed to take off. “Neither its head nor its tails are visible”. The talk of smart looks more like a jumla (meaningless saying). In Africa such smart have become ghost cities. India should not try to emulate a model that does not fit its gene. It should focus on nature-centric development to enable survival of a civilisation that is so old. “Who are the people advising Modi? These can’t be his ideas. Why are people misguiding him?” he asked sarcastically.

Govindacharya stressed that this government was Modi government and not a BJP or NDA government. He lamented that there was absence of communication between ministers and the Prime Minister and also the government and the party. At least in these two terms the previous NDA regime under Atal Bihari Vajpayee was better, he said, adding, “I did not have the opportunity to observe either from very close quarters.”

The septuagenarian leader said that his aim was not to criticise the government but to offer advice for course corrections. The people of this country brought this government with lots of expectations. Nothing much is happening on the field. Modi government must make amends and rise to the mandate.

Govindacharya said he was in the process of mobilising public opinion in favour of eco-centric model of economic development. A meeting is planned in June of all these people who were doing experiments on national regeneration. India did not need funds from foreign countries to develop, he added.

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