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Google Play Store suspends Remove China Apps for ‘violating policy’

Mitron app was also removed from the Google Play Store because it reportedly had several vulnerabilities and privacy issues that can put user's data at high risk

Google Play Store, betraying the company’s now-exposed pro-CCP tilt, has pulled down the mobile application “Remove China Apps”, which enabled users to delete all applications developed by Chinese companies, for “violating policy”. Users who have already downloaded it on their phone can continue using it as of now.

The Remove China Apps application had, before being pulled down from the store, already garnered 5 million users and gained a lot of traction in India. An Indian firm OneTouch AppLabs had developed and launched it a few weeks ago to encourage people to stop using apps that are made by Chinese firms. The reason stems from the growing tension between China and India.

As the name suggests, Remove China Apps application lets users delete all applications on their phones that are developed in China. It scans the user’s device and lists the apps with China as their origin. The app also lets users decide which Chinese app they want to keep or remove.

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Over one million people in India installed the application on their phone with the aim to delete Chinese apps present on their smartphone. In fact, until Tuesday morning it was the top-free app on Play Store.

An alternative to the Chinese TikTok — the Mitron app — was recently removed from the Google Play Store because it reportedly had several vulnerabilities and privacy issues that could put user data at high risk. Its app developer also did not upload the privacy policy.

Mitron, which mimics Chinese TikTok, anyway lay exposed when techies pointed out it was a rehashed Pakistani application.

​However, if your phone has the Mitron app or the Remove China Apps installed, you can continue using them as of now.

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Explaining how the app works, Satyajit Sinha, a cybersecurity researcher at Counterpoint, had said earlier that the Remove China Apps app just identified the app developer’s country of origin by comparing it with the repository database of apps developed in China.

Sinha had said the app was safe to use and one shouldn’t worry about downloading it on his/her Android smartphone. “The app scan focused on the installed android application package (APK) only. Hence, it doesn’t affect any change in stored personal data.”

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