Wednesday 27 January 2021
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GoAir sacks pilot who tweeted raping in temples was permitted in Hinduism

GoAir sacked Unish Malik (on Twitter, 'miki malik'), saying the airline would not tolerate an employee hurting people's religious sentiments

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Politics India GoAir sacks pilot who tweeted raping in temples was permitted in Hinduism

GoAir has sacked a senior pilot who made derogatory remarks about the faith of the majority community on Twitter on Thursday. “GoAir has terminated the services of the captain with immediate effect,” the airline’s spokesperson said on Saturday when asked about the objectionable tweets by pilot Miki Malik.

What is baffling, the pilot, whom low-cost carrier GoAir terminated for making offensive posts that said things like, “Mandir mein kiss nahin kar sakte. But balaatkaar kar sakte ho. Shaastron mein likha hoga shaayad (You cannot kiss inside a temple, but you can rape. Maybe your scriptures permit it),” is an Indian Air Force veteran who served for 25 years, including a stint with the VVIP Squadron.

Captain Unish Malik, who made the remarks on 7 January, has deleted the offensive tweets and locked his account on Twitter.

GoAir sacks pilot

Malik’s remarks against Hinduism on Thursday created a furore on social media. He later apologised and deleted the offensive tweet, besides locking his account.

The senior pilot later tweeted an apology, “I apologise for my tweets about PM, other offensive tweets which may have hurt sentiments of anyone associated. I convey that GoAir is not associated with any of my tweets directly or indirectly as they were personal views,” he said in the tweet, before locking his Twitter account.

However, GoAir sacked him, saying the airline had a zero-tolerance policy on matters of religious and communal affairs. It said it was mandatory for its employees to comply with the company’s employment rules, regulations and policies, including social media behaviour.

“The airline does not associate itself with personal views expressed by any individual or an employee,” a GoAir spokesperson said.

Following the controversy, Twitter users shared older posts of Malik and accused him of suffering from ‘Hinduphobia’.

The mainstream media is attributing the termination to his tweets targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi in foul language. The pilot had said, “PM is an idiot. You can call me same (sic) in return. It’s ok. I don’t matter. Bcoz (sic) I am not PM. But PM is an idiot. Period.”

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