Sunday 23 January 2022
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Gift a life, says foundation on organ donation drive

Delhi: With a million conversations and a long road trip across India, a kidney donor has launched a drive, to persuade people to gift a life.

Radio jockey Anil Srivatsa and his team at the Gift of Life Adventure (GOLA) Foundation, which he set up three years ago, are on a 20,000-km long drive to raise on organ donation.

“Thousands of people are on dialysis because no one in the is ready to donate a kidney to them. This is because of some fears they have about organ donation,” Srivatsa said.

‘Drive India’ is the fourth expedition of the GOLA series, which began after Srivatsa donated his kidney to his ailing brother in 2014.

The first initiative came soon after that, when Srivatsa and his brother undertook a seven-day cycling adventure in the hills of just six months after the surgery to focus on the fear and stigma around organ donation in India.

“I am trying to show people that I am living on one kidney, and I am living as active a life as I did before. So don’t be afraid to save a life in your home,” said Srivatsa.

The three-month long ‘Drive India’ initiative, which began on October 20, will take Srivatsa and his team across India to start a dialogue with people about organ donation.

The drive covers not only major cities, but also takes the team — four people in two cars — into the heart of rural India with the aim of educating people about organ donation and inspiring them to sign up as donors.

The GOLA Foundation has also developed an app called the ‘Million Donor Project’ for this. The app automatically sends a message informing the user’s members when they choose to sign up for organ donation.

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