Saturday 28 May 2022
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Gaushala of Ashutosh Maharaj’s institution adjudged best

New Delhi: On the occasion of the World Milk Day, Union Agriculture Minister handed out the National Gopal Ratna Awards to the farmers and Kamdhenu Awards to different institutes. These awards have been introduced by the Government of India this year to encourage rearing of cows and better practice in bovine conservation and dairy farming. The awards were presented at the Indian Agriculture Research Institute, Pusa Road, New Delhi. The Kamdhenu Gaushala of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) was acknowledged by the government as the best conservationist of the indigenous breeds of cows in the country. On behalf of the spiritual institution, preacher disciples of Ashutosh Maharaj, namely Swami Chinmayanand and Swami Vishwanand, received the award.

The Kamdhenu Gaushala Programme of DJJS is a bovine conservatory dedicated to improvements in breeding, conservation and propagation indigenous cow breeds of India. The project, which was started around 10 years ago, has created its niche in the national space due to it scientific practices and exquisite international standards in selective breeding and development of cows with elite characteristics like high milking capacity and disease resistance. Over the years, this gaushala chain has drawn the attention of scientists, agriculturists and students from the world over. DJJS’s efforts and contribution to preserve and improve the standards of an almost extinct breed of Sahiwal cows has become commendable over the past 10 years.

Coordinator of the Kamdhenu Gaushala Programme Swami Chinmayanand said, “It has been established that inbreeding creates many problems among bovines also and it adversely affects their genes. Therefore, at Kamdhenu, we are maintaining 25 clans of bovines and maintaining a pedigree chart of every bull and cow that is used in selective breeding. Artificial insemination, embryo transplant technology and IVF are some of the modern techniques used to generate an offspring of high-quality cows in a short span of time.”

Adding to this, Swami Chinmayanand said, “DJJS also educates farmers about the contribution of Indian breed of cows to dairy and agriculture.” He also said that many farmers have started the rearing of Indian cows and have been earning substantial value on the sale of A2 milk as well after the training and inspiration from the institute.

While accepting the prestigious award, Swami Chinmayanand said, thanking the government, that awards such as these would further inspire people to increase the rearing of Indian breeds. He appreciated the first step taken by the government and also suggested to the Union and State governments to prohibit the sale of fake in the market as it leads to the depletion of the breeds of cows. He also urged the government to restrict the import of semen from foreign countries like Brazil. He explained that Brazil and other countries took Indian breeds like Gir to their countries hundreds of years ago; due to crossbreeding for a long time farms rarely have pure Gir breeds. Getting from such countries for artificial insemination will spoil the breeds in India as well.

He also mentioned that the upbringing technique used in gaushalas these days, where a calf is fed by a bottle rather than the mother directly, lowers down the of milk per cow by 50%. He referred to a few pieces of research that have proved that feeding from udder increases the production of milk per cow.

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From a press release issued by the Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan

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