Wednesday 25 May 2022
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Ganguly explains how he’ll manage short tenure as BCCI prez

Ganguly, who represented India in 113 Tests and 311 one-day internationals, has already been an administrator for his home state association CAB

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Just like he did during his days as captain of the Indian team, Bengal cricketer made an immediate impact after being appointed as the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president. While his appointment was welcomed from all corners, it took some time for everybody to realise that as per the law, he would be at the helm of affairs only for nine months as the “Cooling-Off” period clause in the new BCCI constitution makes it mandatory for board officials to step down after 6 years in office.

Ganguly, who represented India in 113 Tests and 311 one-day internationals, has already been an administrator for his home state association, Association of Bengal (CAB). However, Ganguly, who was appointed as the BCCI president on October 23 last year, isn’t bothered too much about it as he said he has no update regarding the same as the courts have been closed due to COVID-19 outbreak.

“At the moment the courts are closed. So we have no update on that. There is time. And whatever will happen will happen. This is not in our control,” Ganguly told New Indian Express.

No IPL until middle of May?

Ganguly seems to be facing the biggest challenge as the BCCI president as the IPL 2020 seems to be in jeopardy due to the ongoing outbreak. The Indian board, unlike the Wimbledon, doesn’t have pandemic insurance for the event and cancellation would mean whopping loss worth over Rs 3000 crore.

Given the current situation, Ganguly said that things are likely to remain as they are till middle of May as the entire nation is currently in a state of lockdown.

“We keep monitoring developments. At the present moment, we can’t say anything. And what is there to say anyway? Airports are shut, people are stuck at home, offices are locked down, nobody can go anywhere. And it seems this is how it’s going to be till the middle of May,” Ganguly said

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the countrymen to strictly follow the guidelines and stay at home during his unprecedented phase, Ganguly added that nobody was in mood for any kind of sport.

“Where will you get players from, where do players travel. It’s just simple common sense that at the moment, nothing is in favour of any kind of sport anywhere in the world, forget IPL,” he said.

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