Wednesday 1 February 2023
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EconomyGanga Expressway to transform economy of Budaun

Ganga Expressway to transform economy of Budaun

Attracting workers from Bareilly, Ganga Expressway will see a booming plywood market besides supporting ancillary factories and boosting the zari-zardozi trade

Budaun, one of the backward districts of Uttar Pradesh, is seeing a ray of hope as the 92 km Ganga Expressway is passing through it. The people of the district have high hopes for the state’s biggest expressway going to be built from Prayagraj to Meerut.

This Ganga Expressway passing through four tehsils of the district is expected to write a new script for the development of these areas. The expressway will not only make the journey to Prayagraj and Meerut be easy but also facilitate the establishment of industrial units in these areas.

Even as the expressway is under construction, is getting generated for the locals. Tourism will get a boost too, remarked an official. “The people of the district are calling this Ganga Expressway the expressway of hope,” he said.

Gradually, entrepreneurs from Bareilly are coming to the district and looking for a place to start plywood work here, the Uttar Pradesh finance department records show. Factories have been set up in some villages of the Sadar Tehsil area.

The Ganga Expressway passes through about 22 villages of the Sadar Tehsil area.

A great demand for plywood comes from Meerut and Delhi-NCR. Due to the passage of the Ganga Expressway through the district, goods can be sent easily from here to Meerut and Delhi NCR region.

Another official said entrepreneurs were contemplating setting up factories on the lands of Pastaur, Kunwargaon, Faridpur and Nawada areas of Budaun.

The business of zari and zardozi in the district will benefit too, the bureaucrat remarked.

Thousands of people from Budaun visit Allahabad High Court every day. The journey from Budaun is about 480 km, which takes about 12 to 16 hours of travelling. Once the construction of the Ganga Expressway is completed, this distance will be reduced by about 30 to 50 km.

People travelling by their own vehicles will be able to reach Prayagraj in barely 7 hours. Government employees and police personnel will enjoy special facilities on the stretch, said state government sources.

People of 83 villages of the district are sure to get during the construction of the Ganga Expressway. There are many villagers who have been working outside so far; many of them are expected to return.

This area will develop industrially as well, connecting various production units, development centres and agricultural production areas with the capital Lucknow, generating more jobs in the region.

The Ganga Expressway includes in its stretch 22 villages like those of Nizampur Pastaur, Kunwargaon, Faridpur Chakolar of Sadar Tehsil area, Firozpur and Imsarai of Bilsi, Bisauli, Sithole, Chandoi, Chamarpura, Abdul Wahidpur and around 35 villages including Dataganj, Hathini and Bhood. The expressway will terminate at the Shahjahanpur border at Gadia Rangiya. A total of 24 villages of Dataganj will be connected to the expressway.

A total of 10,500 farmers of these 83 villages have been paid for the land acquired from them, with the Ganga Expressway project having successfully completed 97% of land acquisition.

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