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Mahabharata redux: Kanpur man loses wife to gambling

This gambler brings his friends home; on running out of money, he puts his wife at stake and loses again, pushing her to rapists

Kanpur: In a repeat of the episode of epic Mahabharata where Yudhishthira lost Draupadi to the Kauravas in a game of dice, followed by which Duhshasana tried to disrobe her, a gambler put his wife at stake in this Uttar Pradesh city. After he lost the bet, his four friends claimed his wife and tried to rape her. The woman somehow managed to save herself by locking herself up in the kitchen from where she called the police.

The police came and took the woman in torn clothes to safety and detained the men who had tried to rape her.

However, the detained gamblers were released after some time with the excuse that the whole matter was nothing but one of marital discord! The shameful incident occurred in Kanpur of Uttar Pradesh.

The victim, who lives in the Kalyanpur police station area of the city, has accused her own husband of being an obsessive gambler. The woman alleges, “Four of the friends of my husband, after beating him in a gambling match, tried to outrage my modesty but somehow I could save my honour.”

The woman lodged this complaint at the Kalyanpur police station. Later, a case of rape was registered against all the accused.

The police brought the men along with me to the police station. My clothes were torn but the police took them and left them. They tried to rape me while the police is saying that this is a mutual dispute.

The woman alleges that her husband is also a drug addict and that her gambler husband was playing a round with his friends at home on 15 September. When he ran out of money, the gambler put his wife at stake. When one of his friends won the round, he, along with three other gamblers, tried to rape her.

SP Sanjeev Suman

Even after such a serious allegation of a crime, the police, despite agreeing to lodge an FIR, seems to be dragging their feet on the issue. Without an investigation, the cops are making it appear as a husband-wife dispute, the woman alleged standing before the police station (photo above).

Superintendent of police Sanjeev Suman says that the woman has complained that four people had forcibly entered her house and tried to rape her. A lawsuit has been filed on the complaint of the woman. He said that a probe into the matter was on and that anybody with evidence against him would be arrested and appropriate action would be taken.

So far, the role of the husband in the whole affair has not been revealed in the investigation.

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