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Gambhir death threat from Isis Kashmir, BJP MP tells Delhi Police

An email from ISIS Kashmir to the official email ID of Gautam Gambhir issues death threat to the MP and his family, the police say

BJP MP from East Delhi, Gautam Gambhir reportedly received death threat from Isis Kashmir. He has reached out to Delhi Police with a complaint.

Gambhir received the death threat via mail on his official email ID. He has requested adequate security arrangement in the wake of the threat.

“This is further to our telecommunication, we have received an email from Isis Kashmir on the official email ID of Gautam Gambhir on Tuesday evening. The mail states death threat to and his family. I therefore request you to look into the matter and make adequate security arrangement,” stated a letter sent to DCP central district written by Gaurav Arora, PS to Gautam Gambhir.

“Gautam Gambhir has approached the Delhi Police, alleging he has received death threats from ‘Isis Kashmir’. The investigation is under way. Security has been beefed up outside Gambhir’s residence”, said DCP central, Shweta Chauhan.

The BJP has been a vocal critic of cross-border terrorism from Pakistan. In February this year, Gambhir had said that there should be any kind of relations with Pakistan till the issue of cross border terrorism is over. He said that the life of Indian soldiers is more important than anything else.

Last year, Gambhir slammed Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi over his remarks on Jammu and Kashmir and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Taking to Twitter, Afridi had raked up the issued of Kashmir on 15 May last year by saying “It does not take a religious belief to feel the agony of Kashmiris.. just a right at the right place.

“It is unfortunate. Such comments are a reflection of your (Shahid) and your country’s (Pakistan) thinking,” Gambhir had said on 17 May 2020.


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