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Sci-Tech Astronomy Gaganyaan: Russia to select, train 4 of 12 Indian...

Gaganyaan: Russia to select, train 4 of 12 Indian astronauts

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in Vladivostok, Russia from 4 to 6 September, while the framework of cooperation in Gaganyaan as well as other areas of space cooperation will be discussed

New Delhi: Work is progressing rapidly on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious Gaganyaan project. The initial month of 2022 is set for this manned space flight. Russia will select four of the 12 potential Indian space passengers to be selected for the Gaganyaan mission and will also train them there.

The training programme will start in November and will last for 15 months. 10 thousand crore rupees will be spent on this mission. According to the mission’s stated goals, India will send at least three of its astronauts to space for five to seven days, where they will perform a variety of micro-gravity tests.

Gaganyaan: Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre to be used

Dimitra Rogozin, Director-General of Russian special agency Rosskomos and India’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval, met in Moscow. Meanwhile, the two sides agreed to a proposal to prepare four Indian astronauts for a special mission at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow.

At the end of the training, the four astronauts will return to India and will make the remaining preparations here in the few months before launching in 2022. The two countries also discussed aerodynamic tests, piloted vehicles and crew rescue systems of rockets carrying Indian astronauts. Both sides will soon enter into contracts to supply seats, windows and space suits for crew members.

Russia helping Gaganyaan campaign in three ways

Russia is assisting India in a special mission in three aspects. India’s Ambassador to Russia DB Venkatesh Verma said, “The first area of ​​cooperation is the selection and training of special crew. This is our first manned space mission while they have deep experience in this area.” Russia is also helping to determine the training campaign and its modalities before the actual operation. He said, “A lot of practice has to be done before the actual campaign. Selection of appropriate modalities is also very important for the mission. They are helping us in both these areas.”

Space cooperation to be furthered in PM Modi’s Russia tour

On 27 June, the contract for the selection and training of Indian astronauts was signed by Glavkosmos, a subsidiary of Rosskomos and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

A high-level delegation led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in Vladivostok, Russia from 4 to 6 September, while the framework of cooperation in Gaganyaan as well as other areas of space cooperation will be discussed.

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